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Omid Nouripour, a member of the Soyuz 90 / Greens faction and a member of the Bundestag’s international affairs committee, criticized new possible US restrictions on Nord Stream 2. The politician’s words were quoted on Tuesday, November 23rd, by Reuters.

“The new US sanctions are also unacceptable for the opponents of Nord Stream 2,” he stressed. Ed.) and in which sanctions fall on friends if they do business with third parties, “added Omid Nuripur.

“The pipeline was and remains a wrong German decision – not an American one,” he summed up.

US State Department announced new sanctions

Earlier, the US State Department submitted a report to Congress based on the Protecting European Energy Security Act (PEESA) of 2019. The new restrictive measures include the structure of Transadria Ltd, which participated in the construction of the pipeline and is connected with Russia, and its vessel Merlin will be recognized as confiscated property. Thus, the US administration’s sanctions list (taking into account the announced measures) includes eight individuals and 17 vessels classified as confiscated property on the basis of PEESA due to ties with Nord Stream 2.

Germany suspends gas pipeline certification

The construction of the main gas pipeline from Russia to Germany across the Baltic Sea with a length of 1,234 kilometers (2,468 kilometers along two lines) has been completed. It is technically ready to pump Russian natural gas to Europe, but the raw materials are not yet supplied through it.

In mid-October, the Federal Networks Agency (BNetzA) in Bonn suspended the required pipeline certification procedure pending the completion of the creation of a subsidiary of Nord Stream 2 AG to operate the national section of the pipeline and transfer key assets and human resources to it.

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