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Vinu coin is a token under the vite chain. Its goal is to catch up with Dogecoin. Meme Coin, which surpasses Shiba Inucoin, also needs to join through the Dc community. Most of the activities are on this, but in the near future, the team has plans If you want to develop on Telegram, you have to pay attention to the direction of the team.

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The above is the Dc link of Vinu currency. To enter the community, you must first pass the authentication and verify to confirm that it is not a robot. After the verification is successful, you can go to the Chinese channel. But it’s not very lively here. If you have any questions, you can only leave a message and wait for others to respond. At least someone will respond within a day.

It takes a period of time in the community to get the authentication of the identity group. After the authentication of the identity group is successful, you can enter the mission team to perform tasks. Go to Choose role, click to join Vinusquad, and then you can start doing tasks. The preconditions are a Twitter account and an account that cannot be banned. Screenshot authentication is also required before use.

The task of Vinu is very simple, because the purpose is to promote more people to own and know Vinu, so most of them click forward and like on twitter and upload screenshots, and a few of them are on IG, tiktok and some voting websites. The more tasks you get, the more rewards you will get. The basic condition is that the total amount of tasks has reached more than 50%, and all rewards can be obtained if you reach 90%. ) So there is also a way to hold vinu, and there may be good returns when the bull market comes.

If you are interested, you can try it out, the free zero rolls don’t take too much time!

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