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“Super Sonic” Sonic has been celebrating its 30th anniversary, and the live-action movie version has also released 2 sets. The official renovated the classic 4-episode early works and launched “Sonic Origins”. It is a rich “digital remake”, but if it is a diehard Fans will feel inadequate.

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“Sonic Origins” includes 4 works from the “Super Sonic Mouse” series from the SEGA MEGA DRIVE series console, including: “Sonic”, “Sonic CD”, “Sonic 2”, “Sonic 3 & Nakru” Si”, and adopts digital reproduction technology, retains the bitmap style, but also changes to support the current widescreen mode, etc., and also includes additional set content, just like the classic collection specifications of many other games.

All 4 games provide “Commemorative Mode” and “Classic Mode”. The “Commemorative Mode” adopts a 16:9 wide screen, and also cancels the level time limit and provides a progress recording function. Players will also be reminded to obtain Chaos Emerald. The content has been changed to some extent, and some can choose different characters to play. For example, in the first episode of “Sonic”, only Sonic is available, and in “Commemorative Mode”, you can also choose Tales or Knuckles to play the level. The “Classic Mode” has basically no major changes, and the screen is also in the original scale, and the progress can still be recorded.

There is also an additional mission mode, which sets up different challenges in each game and provides a “story mode”, which allows you to play 4 works in a simple sequence, “continuous boss battles”, etc. And “Museum” can play a game, get gold coins to unlock more special content, unlock game BGM to listen to music, etc. In addition to a beautiful and modern main interface, the game also has newly drawn animations, which is considered sincerity.

However, some loyal fans have found many flaws and minor problems. To be precise, all the games included have been refurbished by “digital remake”, which is not “original” like an emulator. Most young players It doesn’t matter, it retains the feel of the Super Mouse series and the convenience of modern gaming. But die-hards may feel disappointed, and the game doesn’t offer imitation CRT filters, and it always feels a little short.

sonic origin
Platform: PlayStation/Nintendo Switch/Xbox/PC
Type: 2D high-speed action

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