1. FC Nürnberg: Nurnberg help for the homeless: Donations are urgently needed!

1. FC Nürnberg: Nurnberg help for the homeless: Donations are urgently needed!

2023-06-09 10:20:26

As usual, when all the helpers from the homeless aid and club community arrived, countless needy people were already waiting for many hours on the square in front of the New Museum on Klarissenplatz next to the Handwerkerhof. The team of helpers met at 12 noon to set up the tables and benches for the stands to issue the goods. Then all the articles from the Nuremberg homeless aid warehouse were distributed to the stands. After a brief discussion with the helpers, the items were handed out to the needy at 2 p.m.

Lebkuchen Schmidt with active help

This month, the homeless relief organization was particularly pleased about the support from Lebkuchen Schmidt. The long-established Nuremberg company provided the homeless aid with 250 bags filled to the brim with sweets such as gingerbread or biscuits with a product value of just under 20 euros per bag. In addition, more than a handful of Schmidt employees were on site to hand out the bags.

Andreas Hock, press spokesman for Lebkuchen Schmidt, draws the following conclusion: “The campaign was also moving for us. On the one hand, it was nice to see how grateful people were about the donations. On the other hand, it makes one very thoughtful that many citizens in our city depend on such offers of help. We will definitely stay on the ball here as a sustainable and socially committed company.”

In addition to Lebkuchen Schmidt, the homeless aid could count on other helpers from the club family. Supervisory Board member Sandra Hummel was happy to take care of the distribution of clothing for the needy. In addition, David and Rene from the FCN inclusion team supported the team of volunteers in distributing the food.

Donations in kind urgently needed: homeless aid collects every first Saturday of the month

On Saturday, a three-digit number of people in need were present again to stock up on a few, but above all essential items of clothing, hygiene articles and food for the next few days and weeks. This time all 130 needy people could be taken care of, but in the last few months people had to leave the distribution with empty hands and bags again and again.

The same threatens in the coming months. Donations in kind are urgently needed everywhere in order to ensure that the homeless can continue to be cared for in the future. As a club community, we can support the great work that many volunteers of the Nuremberg Homeless Aid do by handing over donations in kind.

This is also confirmed by Christine Thoma, a volunteer at the Nurnberg Homeless Aid: “We – a bunch of nice volunteers of all ages – are passionate about what we do. As a private initiative, however, we are unfortunately not recognized under tax law, which means that we cannot issue donation receipts, so we are excluded from many campaigns for registered associations or donation offers from companies. Therefore we are happy about everyone who supports us anyway! Even if it’s just one euro.”

On the first Saturday of every month, the Nurnberg homeless aid organization distributes clothing, hygiene items and food to the needy. On the day of issue, donations in kind can always be handed over between 12 and 2 p.m. As a thank you, donors receive 200 points on UnserClub.de. The next edition will therefore take place on July 1st. You can register here and get more information. As a club community, we can make a major contribution to supporting those in need in Nuremberg!

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