1 million-year-old mastodon tooth found in US

1 million-year-old mastodon tooth found in US

2023-06-03 03:51:59

A resident of the state of California, USA, found an unusual object during a walk on the beach. This find is nothing less than a mastodon tooth, extinct for over ten thousand years.

The object of about 30 centimeters in length was found by Jennifer Schuh in the sand of Rio Del Mar beach – located in Monterey Bay, central California. Schul claimed that she found the object next to a river connected to the beach. According to her, the object “looked strange, almost burnt”.

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  • Curious about the find, Jennifer published a photo of the object on Facebook in order to discover the origin of the find;
  • Wayne Thompson, a paleontology consultant at the Santa Cruz Museum of Natural History, saw the image and recognized that it was a worn-down molar from an adult Pacific mastodon;
  • This extinct species bears resemblance to elephants.
Mastodon tooth found on the beach (Image: Disclosure)

Then Thompson contacted Schuh and asked for help finding the object. The two returned to the beach, but the object was no longer there. So the paleontologist decided to seek help on social media. A few days later, a man found the object and contacted the museum.

So far, the exact age of discovery is not known. The museum’s blog states that this species lived in California for more than four million years, but that it has been extinct for ten thousand years.

“We can safely say this specimen is less than a million years old, which is relatively ‘new’ in terms of fossils,” said Liz Broughton of the Santa Cruz museum.

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