10.59 million for the covers

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The third evening of
Sanremo 2021
, dedicated to cover of the 26 Big competing on the stage ofAriston, which in the end saw Ermal Meta in the lead in the provisional ranking of the top ten singers, recorded a average audience of over 7 million and 600 thousand spectators.

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As for the first part of the evening, there were 10,596,000 spectators, with a 42.4% share. Last year, the ratings of the first part of the third evening were 13,533,000 spectators with a 53.6% share. The second part was followed by 4,369,000 spectators with a 50.6% share. Last year, it was followed by 5,636,000 spectators with a 57.2% share.

AVERAGE LISTENING – The average audience of yesterday evening was thus 7,653,000 spectators with a 44.3% share. Last year it had 9,836,000 spectators with a 54.5% share.

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