10 Celebrities With Depression: When Money Isn’t Everything

10 Celebrities With Depression: When Money Isn’t Everything

2023-05-30 20:58:42

It is increasingly common to hear or hear from people who suffer or have overcome an episode of their lives with their heads down, mental health is no longer an inaccessible taboo and has become a necessity that, according to speculation, can become part of human rights.

In this sense, being something that concerns all of us, artists and celebrities are not immune to experiencing these episodes, which is why we tell you more about 10 Celebrities With Depression: When Money Isn’t Everything.

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What is depression?

The Pan American Health Organization defines depression as a common but serious illness that interferes with daily life.

This disease interferes with daily activities such as working, sleeping, eating, studying, and enjoying life.

The causes can be varied, from genetic factors to social factors. It is difficult to define a single cause of depression because many factors can intervene.

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What happens if depression is not treated?

In accordance with Mayo Clinicthe repercussions of not treating depression adequately or on time can be:

  • Emotional, behavioral and health problems
  • Overweight or obese
  • Pain or physical illness
  • Drug and alcohol use
  • Anxiety, panic disorder and social phobias
  • Family conflicts and difficulty relating
  • Social isolation
  • suicidal feelings
  • self mutilation
  • Premature death from illnesses caused by depression

As you can see, the repercussions of depression can be serious if not treated on time, which is why it is important to seek care, as is the case with 10 celebrities with depression.

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What artists take antidepressants?

Not a few celebrities have spoken out in favor of mental health care, in fact more and more are allowing themselves to be vulnerable in front of the public and in front of themselves.

Below we show you some artists who have stated that they need medication such as antidepressants to be able to cope with their lives and work rhythms. If you want to know the 10 celebrities who have depression, we invite you to slide the first photo of the gallery to the top of the note.

Kristen Stewart, Halle Berry and Miley Cyrus are just some of the celebrities who have formally declared that they have used or are taking medication to cope with their mental problems.

Even the former first lady of the United States, Michelle Obama, declared having experienced severe episodes of depression and taking antidepressant medications.

If you want to know who the others are celebrities with depression: when money is not everythingslide the first image.

By the way, we leave you a video about smiling depression, what it is and how to identify it.

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