1030GT technical question – video cards

1030GT technical question – video cards

A video card has a GPU which is the graphics processor and VRAM which is the graphics memory. The internal communication between them inside the video card is called data traffic rate between GPU and VRAM. It means memory bandwidth.

Data traffic rate inside a video card is internal and is not affected in any way by the type or speed of the pcie.

The data traffic rate is calculated by multiplying the memory clock speed (memory clock effective) against the bandwidth of the memory channel – memory interface bandwidth.

On your card, the bandwidth is 64 bits (64bit) which is 8 bytes (8Byte).

The memory speed is 6000 MHz which is 6 billion cycles per second.

6 GHz * 8 bytes = 48 gigabytes per second.


Gb-Gigabit .

In RTX 4080, the bandwidth is 256 bits which is 32 bytes.

The memory speed is 22,400 MHz which is 22.4GHz.

22.4 GHz * 32 bytes = 716.8 gigabytes per second.


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