For people who use Siri on a regular basis Some people may not have known that they can ask Siri strange questions as well. Today the team has gathered questions to watch. What will be interesting? Let’s go see.

10 questions to talk to Siri that you probably didn’t know about. Can you ask like this too?

Let’s see what Siri can talk about. Let’s start with the first question.

1. Toss a coin

This question is great for when you want to take a guess with a coin toss but don’t have a coin to toss, it’s easy to tell Siri to toss a coin by asking, “Hey Siri, flip a coin.”

2. Roll the dice

This question can also be asked to Siri when we want to play a game of dice rolls. But there are no dice to play, it can command Siri to roll the dice. They can command Siri with the following questions: “Hey Siri roll the dice” “Hey Siri roll the dice”

3. Convert different units

In case we want to convert the unit and want to know the answer quickly, we can order siri to convert the unit. Whether it’s currency conversion, distance, measurement units, temperature, etc., don’t waste time searching for information, very convenient.

4. Command to turn on/off the flashlight.

When you’re in the dark, busy, or inconvenient to tap on the screen, you can instruct Siri to turn on the flashlight on both Apple Watch and iPhone by asking, “Hey Siri, turn on/off the flashlight.”

5. Find the location of the device.

In the event that our device cannot be found If our devices are in the same area or neighborhood, you can use Siri to find your device. It must be a device signed in to the same Apple ID. After asking Siri to find the device The device you want to search will play a sound, for example, using Siri to find iPhone via Apple Watch or using Siri to find iPad via iPhone, for example.

Examples of questions “Hey Siri, where is my iPhone?”, “Hey Siri, where is my iPad?”

6. Call a friend on speaker

If our hands are busy, cooking or doing other things. but want to call a friend can order Siri to call a friend instead By saying “Hey Siri, call…(list contacts saved on iPhone) with speaker on” or you can specify the phone number you want to call, for example “Hey Siri, call 094-xxxxxxx on speaker” etc.

7. Ask for the remaining battery percentage in the device.

If you want to know the remaining battery percentage on the device in use Or another device signed in to the same Apple ID can also be used to ask Siri, for example, “Hey Siri, how much is my battery left?”, “Hey Siri, how much is the battery on my iPad?” and so on.

8. Adjust screen brightness

busy time Or inconvenient to command through your finger, you can use Siri to increase / decrease the screen brightness. And you can specify the percentage you want to reduce/increase, such as “Hey Siri, increase screen brightness by 100%”, “Hey Siri, reduce screen brightness by 25%”, etc.

9. Take a screenshot

You can ask Siri to take a screenshot from your device like iPhone, iPad, for example, by saying “Hey Siri, take a screenshot”, but Apple Watch won’t be able to ask Siri to take a screenshot, you have to press the Digital Crown +. Press the side buttons at the same time.

10. Open the picture you want to see.

To see pictures of an object, landscape, food, artist, celebrity or pet. what it looks like You can order Siri to show the picture. But in the order must have the words “photo” Siri will show you a picture, for example, “Hey Siri, I want to see it.photoPersian cat”, “Hey Siri, I want to seephotoSuch a beautiful sea view.”

11. Tell jokes/jokes

If you want a joke or a joke that gives us a smile You can also tell Siri to tell a funny story with commands like “Hey Siri, tell me a joke”, “Hey Siri, play a joke”, “Hey Siri, tell me a joke”, etc.

If anyone has any additional questions that can talk to Siri beyond this, feel free to share them!

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