11 years since Nandana left! Chitra revealed the reason why she did not adopt another child

11 years since Nandana left!  Chitra revealed the reason why she did not adopt another child

Chitra is the favorite song of Malayalam. Chitra is a singer who hides her inner sorrows and comes in front of her fans with a full smile. Nandana, the daughter of Nandana, is the one who keeps her heart down even when she seeks fame and recognition in life.

Nandana was the dream come true after fourteen long years of waiting. God was calling Kunjunandana back like God’s decree. The verdict was reversed at the age when children should be laughing. Chitra still hasn’t recovered from her daughter’s separation.

Even though she said goodbye to this world, it is said in film interviews that she is stronger than that in his mind. Now things said about Chitra Ponnomana are going viral again. Chitra opens up about why she didn’t adopt another child.

It is said that time can heal any wound, but even time cannot heal that wound. Nandana is still strong in his chest. Chitra says that she is going to Olam with everyone.

He says that he is grateful to God for leaving him in the field of music that brings joy to everyone, and it is a comfort to him. Chitra said that after listening to her sorrows, people who are as distressed as hers come to her and share their sorrows with her. Chitra said that no matter how much grief Ishwar gave her, she could bear it and was so worried.

Chitra herself also says why she did not think about another child after Nandana’s death. Still in mind her daughter is Nandana, she was very possessive and even gets upset when she takes another child. Chitra says that she did not like picking up her brother’s baby and even petting it.

They thought they should adopt a baby. After adoption, we are responsible for all their responsibilities, including educating them until marriage. Chitra says that she is not sure that she will be alive till then and that’s why she and Nandan are still living with only Nandana in mind.

Vijaya Shankar-KS Chitra’s daughter Nandana was born after a long wait. Fate took the child back before he was nine years old.
Nandana died in 2011 after falling into the swimming pool of a villa in Dubai. KS Chitra’s life is treasured by Nandana’s memories.

Your birth was the blessing of our life. Your memories are like treasure for us. Our love for you is beyond words. Chitra wrote on Nandana’s birthday that your loss is immeasurable.

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