120 dead and hundreds injured

120 dead and hundreds injured

2023-06-02 20:47:36

Terrible train accident in India, in the eastern state of Odisha, following the collision between two trains. One hundred and twenty dead and almost 1,000 injured, according to the first reports, reported by the local media. But the budget is still provisional.

The accident occurred near Balasore, about 1600 kilometers from the capital New Delhi and involved a passenger train and a freight train. The collision was allegedly caused by the derailment of one of the two trains which would have hit the second one arriving in the opposite direction. Rescuers are working to free at least 200 other people trapped in the wreckage.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has expressed his pain, addressing his closeness to the families of the victims. “Rescue operations are underway at the crash site and all possible assistance is being provided to those affected,” Modi tweeted.

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