124 people give their lives to Jesus at a Texas university

124 people give their lives to Jesus at a Texas university

2023-09-23 01:14:56

NOTICIACRISTIANA.COM- A student resurgence continues to impact the country’s generation Z in the United States, where approximately 124 young people were baptized on the campus of the University of Texas A&M.

This worship event, called as “One night”was organized by the New Life Church, in the city of Body of Christin an annual meeting that has been held for eight years in the region, and on campus for the last two years, according to reports Guiame.com.

The church’s youth pastor, Tarik Whitmore, leads a student organization on campus, known as “New Life for Young Adults”told The Christian Post, that the influence of the campus ministry, which began in 2015, “has increased gradually, over time.”

Likewise, the leader reported that the 10,800 students enrolled in the institution, in August, more than a thousand young people participated in the event.

“From the beginning of the service, it was clear that something important was happening, because it was very powerful. There were faces, which we had never seen before in the church, and they all exalted the name of Jesus,” he said.


Whitmore was surprised by the students’ expectations for the event. He was one of the preachers, and he said the service seemed “very anointed.”

According to the leader, from the first-year students to the seniors, they came to be baptized.

“Whether it’s a small group, a corporate setting, or even a large event, it’s very simple: ‘We’re worshiping, we’re communicating the Gospel,’” he explained.

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According to Tarik, students at the university, and on campus, supported his evangelistic work, and did not try to prevent the NLYA meeting.

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