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The corona numbers have dropped again today.

On Tuesday, only 1,285 new infections with the corona virus were reported in Austria, but the numbers in the hospitals rose again. 48 new patients were counted in the hospitals, 12 new cases came to the intensive care units. There were also 15 deaths.

In Austria, 1,285 new infections with the corona virus were reported on Tuesday morning within the past 24 hours. In addition, 15 other infected people died and the hospital occupancy rose by 48 people since the previous day. 232 people are currently being cared for in intensive care units, twelve more than on Monday. Compared to a week ago, however, there were fewer Covid patients to be cared for in both normal and intensive care units.

Corona numbers well below the 7-day average

The number of positive tests within one day was below the average of the past seven days of 1,768. The seven-day incidence per 100,000 inhabitants fell slightly below 140 again. Since the start of the pandemic, there have been 751,139 confirmed cases in Austria. 720,587 people survived an infection and 11,049 died. As a result, there were 19,503 active cases on Tuesday, more than 400 fewer than on Monday.

Data cleansing in Vienna

In Burgenland there have been 19 infections since the previous day, in Carinthia 72 and in Lower Austria 249. Upper Austria reported 359 new cases, Salzburg 79 and Styria 180. In Tyrol there were 99 more positive tests, in Vorarlberg 27 and in Vienna 201, goes out the data from the Ministry of Interior and Health. In Vienna, however, there was a reduction in the total number of confirmed cases due to a data cleansing.

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Almost 7,000 vaccinations

6,891 vaccinations were carried out on Monday. According to the e-vaccination pass, 5,755,665 people in Austria have received at least one partial vaccination, which is 64.4 percent of the population. 5,438,614 people and thus 60.9 percent of the population are fully immunized.


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