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Gunnur: In the Nilgiris district, in the Kunnur hills, the army helicopter carrying his wife and soldiers, Pipin Rawat, the country’s first troop commander, crashed.

It has been officially reported that 13 people, including Rawat and his wife, were killed in a sudden fire that broke out in a tree. Only one officer is receiving treatment, in a life-threatening condition. The death of Rawat, who has caused havoc to the country, should be investigated from the angle of whether it is considered to be the biggest conspiracy plan of the enemy countries, even if it is considered an accident.

The whole expectation has arisen.

There is a training college for military officers in Gunnar Wellington, Nilgiris District. About 430 Army officers from 46 countries, including our own, are undergoing training here.
Brigadier L.S. Litter, Lt. Col. Harjinder Singh and officers, 14 including Khrushchev, Jitendra Kumar, Naik Vivek Kumar, Sai Teja, Havildar Satpal, left the Coimbatore Sulur Air Force Base at 11:47 am yesterday in an MI-17 V5 helicopter. Wellington departed.

Heavy snowfall prevailed in Gunnar yesterday morning. At 12:00 noon, the helicopter flew low over the Nanjapachatram area near the Nilgiris Vampire Park. Then due to the fog, it collided with the trees. In it, the helicopter exploded and caught fire. People who came out of the houses, hearing the terrifying noise, informed the fire department. The fire had been burning for a long time.

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Firefighters and police rushed to the scene at 12:20 p.m. Four bodies were recovered from the outside in a charred condition. The burning helicopter exploded again with two terrifying noises. The bodies of the army personnel were burnt and scattered like charcoal. Commandant Golan of the Army Training College, MRC, Commandant Rajeshwar Singh, Forest Minister Ramachandran and Nilgiris Collector Amrit arrived at the spot. The army, fire department, police and civilians continued to rescue the bodies. The rescue operation was hampered by heavy fog and smoke from the fire.

An attempt was made to extinguish the fire with the help of local people. At 3:30 pm the fire was completely extinguished and all bodies were recovered. The bodies were taken to Gunnar Wellington Military Hospital. Only one person, with 80 percent burns, was being treated in critical condition, hospital sources said.

Got black box

Soldiers across the area where the helicopter crash occurred were brought under police control from 3:00 pm yesterday. Then, the search for the helicopter’s black box took place. But until 5:00 pm, because of the heat of the fire, no one could go near it. The trees there were also burnt, making it impossible to go near. The black box was recovered by the military at 5:30 p.m. Military sources said that the full details of the accident would be known only after examining the records in it.

Why is it irreversible?

Due to the visit of Commander-in-Chief Pipin Rawat, all arrangements were made for his landing military helicopter to land at the Gymkhana Grounds. Ramachandran and Kumar, who were involved in the rescue operation, said, ‘As soon as we got the information, we went to the area. Two there, with 60 percent burns
Were. ‘We immediately recovered and sent him to the hospital. No one was rescued as the helicopter was on fire.

Varun Singh, who escaped the accident

Group captain Varun Singh is being treated for injuries. Varun Singh is said to have suffered 80 per cent burns. He is being treated at a military hospital in Wellington. Last year, while operating a Tejas fighter jet, there was a technical glitch in the middle, but Varun Singh managed the situation effectively and landed it safely. For his coastal work, he was honored with the ‘Shouriya Chakra’ award in August this year.

Russian helicopter-

Army helicopter crashed MI, – 17V5 type. Designed by Hassan Helicopter Company of Russia. It is capable of handling cargo up to 4.5 tons in weight. It is also the world’s most advanced transport helicopter, traveling at speeds of up to 260 km / h. This helicopter is used for search and rescue mission. Performs well in all climates, such as heavy snowfall, rain, and sun. Thus, the accident near Gunnar has raised various suspicions in military circles. In the aftermath of the crash, an investigation is also underway into whether there may have been an enemy plot.

Cabinet Committee meeting chaired by the Prime Minister

A meeting of the Army Cabinet Committee chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi was held in New Delhi yesterday on the incident in which three soldiers, including Chief of Army Staff Bipin Rawat, were killed in a helicopter crash. The Army Cabinet Committee meeting, chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, was held in Delhi last evening.

Among those present were Defense Minister Rajnath Singh, Home Minister Amit Shah, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, External Affairs Minister Jaisankar, National Security Adviser Ajit Doval, Prime Minister’s Principal Secretary BK Mishra and Cabinet Secretary Rajiv Gauba.
Members of the Army Cabinet Committee were briefed on the helicopter crash that led to the untimely deaths of Commander-in-Chief of the 3rd Battalion Bipin Rawat and security forces personnel. Meanwhile, Pipin Rawat’s funeral is taking place in Delhi today.



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