13 News reporter and photographer pushed by “La Familia” protesters

13 News reporter and photographer pushed by “La Familia” protesters

Yossi Eli, a reporter from News 13, was attacked during his coverage of a demonstration by reform supporters in Jerusalem. According to reports, Eli was taken to the hospital with broken ribs and potential spleen injury, while the photographer, Avi Cashman, was injured in the head. The news company has decided to attach two security guards to the team in order to prevent similar attacks in the future. Aviram Elad, CEO of News 13, condemned the attack and stated that the news company would continue to carry out its journalistic work without fear. Communication Minister Dr. Shlomo Karai also commented on the incident, stating that anyone who attacks journalists must face punishment.

Yossi Eli reports from a demonstration in JerusalemNews 13

Journalist Yossi Eli, a News 13 reporter, was attacked last night (Tuesday) during his coverage of the reform supporters’ demonstration in Jerusalem.

Eli was taken to Hadassah Hospital, after being diagnosed with broken ribs and fear of injury to the spleen. The photographer Avi Cashman was also injured in the head during the clashes.

As a preventive measure and due to the fear of harming the journalists, News 13 decided to attach two security guards to the team that, after all, came to do their work in the field. The news company expects the police to find the attackers and bring them to justice.

Yossi Eli reports from the demonstration in JerusalemNews 13

Aviram Elad, CEO of News 13: Channel 13 news reporter Yossi Eli and cameraman Avi Cashman arrived yesterday to carry out their journalistic mission at a demonstration by government supporters. During the coverage, both were violently hit by the demonstrators who attacked them with sticks. Yossi broke a rib and had If he feared injury to the spleen, my father took a stick to the head with force.

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“Just last Saturday night another team of ours in Or Akiva was attacked by protesters,” said Elad. “Unfortunately, the frequency of these attacks is increasing. The news company fully backs its journalists. We will continue to carry out our journalistic work anywhere and at any time to bring our viewers the full and true picture of reality as it is. We will not be deterred and we will not be afraid. This is the role of a free press in a democratic country.”

Communications Minister Dr. Shlomo Karai responded to the attack on the journalists last night: “The police must punish anyone who attacks journalists. They do not attack a journalistic team, they do not use violence at all. This is a red line that no one must cross, ever.”


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