15 days time to link Aadhaar with e-consumer number 15 days to link Aadhaar with E-Consumer Number

15 days time to link Aadhaar with e-consumer number  15 days to link Aadhaar with E-Consumer Number

CHENNAI: Extension of time till February 15 to link Aadhaar number with electricity connection number; This is the last chance,” said Power Minister Senthil Balaji.

Interview given by him at Chennai Electricity Board Head Office:

The process of linking Aadhaar number with electricity connection number of 2.67 crore consumers in Tamil Nadu started on 15th Nov, 2022. As of 11:00 am today, 2.42 crore people have linked their Aadhaar number within 78 days.


This is 90.69 percent of the total consumers. Aadhaar linking is a mammoth task. A historic work. My thanks to the staff and officers who worked well for this. Out of 2.32 crore consumers in the household segment, 2.17 crore have Aadhaar linked.

Out of 74 thousand connections in handloom category, 70 thousand people have joined. In powerloom category, 1.52 lakh people have joined out of 1.63 lakh people. Out of 9.44 lakh people, 5.11 lakh people have joined the cottages.

Out of 23.28 lakh consumers in agriculture segment, 18.28 lakh people have connected.

The authorities were consulted as to the reason for not connecting yet. Accordingly, the facility to link more than one Aadhaar number with one electricity connection number has been created. Advice has been given to implement this.

In case of large organizations, trusts etc., provision is made to link the Aadhaar number of their owner or authorized person.

Last chance

For those who have not linked their Aadhaar number yet, an extension is being given till February 15. This is the last chance.

No further extension of time will be granted. Link Aadhaar number without waiting till the last day.

This is what he said.

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