15-year-old makes off with stolen sports car; Crash ends tragically, friends injured

The police have already released the footage of the vehicle screeching dangerously and hitting the post. A gun was also found from their possession.


First Published Oct 6, 2022, 2:12 AM IST

A 15-year-old boy stole a sports car parked on the roadside and ran across the street. A man was killed when his car overturned after an adventure with two friends of the same age. The accident occurred while the police were chasing a car that was speeding in violation of traffic rules. The incident took place in Florida, USA.

The police state that the car was traveling at a speed of 123 MPH when it hit the roadside sign post and flew into the air. A teenager from Florida was killed in the accident. The driver of the vehicle and the passenger in the back seat were seriously injured. Teenagers stole a sports car from Saint Petersburg on Sunday morning. The 2016 model Maserati was stolen by three friends. But the police came to know that the vehicle was stolen and chased them.

When the police arrived in the helicopter and asked the vehicle to stop, the accident resulted in an attempt to drive away faster. Fifteen-year-old Mario Bonilla was killed. Mario was killed at the scene of the accident. Sixteen-year-old Lang, who was driving, and his friend, Malachi Daniel, were seriously injured and are being treated. According to the police, Lang has not overcome the danger level yet. The police also found that the three people in the car did not have a license.

The police also found a gun in their possession. Police documents detail that this gun was used for crimes. But the police added that the accident victims were not those with criminal backgrounds. The police have already released the footage of the vehicle screeching dangerously and hitting the post. It is clear from the nearby CCTV cameras that the car was unlocked by Lang.

Last Updated Oct 6, 2022, 2:12 AM IST

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