150 million dollars within six months

The trade exchange between Jordan and Syria during the first half of the year reached 85,000 tons of goods worth 150 million dollars, said the director general of the joint free zone, Arfan al-Khassouna.

According to him, since the area opened at the beginning of the year, there has been “good” activity in the area of ​​investments and trade exchanges, partly due to the cooperation with the relevant authorities. It will be mentioned that since the outbreak of the civil war in Syria in 2011 and for almost a decade, the main border crossing between Syria and Jordan was closed.

Al-Hassouna called on investors to visit the area and examine the services and incentives offered.

Most of the goods go from Jordan to Syria, but in the opposite direction it is mainly industrial stones, marble, furniture, fodder, etc. According to estimates in the first half, the weight of the Syrian goods that entered Jordan is estimated at 40,000 tons, using about 650 trucks, with a monetary value of 12 million dollars. Solar panels, spare parts for cars, food products and more went to the Syrian side.


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