150 teachers want to quit if vaccination is compulsory

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If the vaccination really comes, 150 teachers in Vorarlberg want to quit. At least that is what is claimed in an anonymously written letter to the Education Directorate. The compulsory school staff representative, Willi Witzemann, is concerned because the teacher shortage is already dramatic.

Witzemann assumes the authenticity of the letter, because some colleagues have already contacted him who want to quit school because of the compulsory vaccination. Those responsible should hand over the threatening letter to the Vorarlberg state government on Wednesday.

Government has not yet responded

According to Witzemann, there are also several school principals among the 150 teachers. He cannot say exactly how many there are, but he assumes around five to six. At the request of the teachers, Witzemann sent the letter to Governor Markus Wallner (ÖVP), Education Councilor Barbara Schöbi-Fink (ÖVP) and the Education Directorate on Monday. They have not yet reacted to it.

“Unfortunately, it was to be expected,” says Witzemann. It was known that there were teaching staff who were afraid of the vaccination. The shortage of teachers is already dramatic and Witzemann does not know whether the system will be able to withstand it. He now hopes that the government will give in and that there will be other options than compulsory vaccination.

Free Citizens ‘Party supports teachers’ group

The Free Citizens ‘Party also used the anonymous letter for a press release, but has nothing to do with the formation of this group of teaching staff, confirms the chairman of the Free Citizens’ Party, Georg Palm. The FBP has been in contact with pedagogues for a long time, but the formation of this group is completely independent and has nothing to do with the FBP, said Palm. But they have been given full support.

Palm says the college of anti-vaccination teachers is even larger. 150 of them would have decided to take the step of termination when introducing mandatory vaccination.

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