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I’m 16.017 i new cases of coronavirus in Italy (yesterday they were +12,916, here the bulletin). Data for Sicily are missing: the region will integrate data not disclosed today for organizational reasons tomorrow. Salt so at least 3.561.012 the number of people who have contracted the SARS-CoV-2 virus (including recovered and died) since the outbreak began. THE deaths today I’m 529 (yesterday they were +417), for a total of 108,879 victims from February 2020. People recovered or discharged they are altogether 2.889.301 e 18.687 those that came out of the Covid nightmare today (+19.725 yesterday). The positive current – the subjects who have the virus – turn out to be in everything 562.832, equal to -3.161 compared to yesterday (-7.242 the day before). There decline in current positives today – with the minus sign in front – depends on the fact that the healed, added to the deaths, are in greater number than in the new cases.

The swabs and the scenario

I total swabs (molecular and antigenic) were 301.451, or 144,759 more than yesterday when it was 156,692. While the rate of positivity 5,3% (the approximation of 5.31%): it means that out of 100 swabs performed more than 5 were positive; yesterday it was 8.2%. Here is the map of the contagion in Italy.

More infections in 24 hours than yesterday, in the face of multiple pads. And the case / test ratio drops to 5.3% (happens with multiple tests) from 8.2% on Monday. As usual, the curve rises on the second day of the week due to a greater number of analyzes processed (after the usual Monday low). From the comparison with last Tuesday (March 23), when +18,765 cases were registered with a positive rate of 5.6%, we see a timid improvement in the scenario, if we compare the two percentages of positive: 5.3% today and 5.6% as of March 23. The epidemic slows, but very slowly, as vaccinations continue. However, the curve has not collapsed and we must be careful not to frustrate the efforts made so far.

The Lombardy the region most affected by the number of new infections (+3,271, here the bulletin), thanks to over 44,000 swabs, which is the highest number of regional tests of the day. They follow: Piedmont (+1.861, here the bulletin), Lazio (+1.593), Campania (+1.573), Puglia (+1.527), Emilia Romagna (+1.187), Tuscany (+1.180) e Veneto (+1.130). All other regions have a two- or three-digit increase.

The victims

The victims are more than 500 for the third time in the month of March (remember: +551 deaths on March 23 and +502 deaths on March 16). In February this value of 500 was never exceeded. The most dramatic figure that also includes previous deaths, for example Campania has 64 deceased of which 28 occurred in the last 48 hours and 36 in recent days and entered late. Sometimes it happens that over the weekend the data on deaths are incomplete and are added in the bulletin on Monday or Tuesday. It should be noted, in fact, that the other days of the month with over 500 victims are always Tuesdays. The highest number of deaths in Lombardy (+85), Emilia-Romagna (+67), Campania (+64, with previous ones as mentioned above) and Piedmont (+61, of which 6 occurred today). Below the details of all the regions.

The health system

Ordinary hospitalizations are increasing and intensive care decreases slightly. The beds occupied in ordinary Covid wards I’m +68 (yesterday +462), for a total of 29,231 hospitalized. I beds occupied in intensive care (ICU) I’m -5 (yesterday +42), bringing the total of more seriously ill a 3.716. The variation in the number of beds occupied, in critical and non-critical areas, indicates the balance between patients who left and those who entered in the last 24 hours. In fact, i new entrances to resuscitation I’m +269 (yesterday +192). The largest number of people entering IT in Lombardy (+58), Puglia (+41) and Veneto (+31)

To worry about the health situation: at the national level, the beds occupied in intensive care are 41% of those available with the data from Agenas (Agency for regional health services) updated to 29 March (yesterday it was 40%). This is 11 points above the 30% alert threshold. Thirteen regions with high percentages: Lombardy (61%), Marche (60%), Piedmont (58%), Emilia Romagna (52%), Province of Trento (51%), Friuli Venezia Giulia (49%), Puglia ( 44%), Umbria (43%), Tuscany (42%), Lazio (40%), Molise (38%), Abruzzo (36%) and Liguria (32%).

I vaccinate

The vaccine doses administered are over 9.6 million. More than 3 million citizens have received the second dose. Here the map updated every evening and here the real-time data of the anti Covid-19 vaccines report on the government website.

Here all the bulletins of 2021, here those of 2020. Here the news of the day.

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The cases region by region

The data provided below, and broken down by region, is that of total cases (number of people found positive since the beginning of the epidemic: includes deaths and recovered). The variation indicates the number of new cases registered in the last 24 hours.

Lombardy 731.541: +3.271 cases (yesterday +1.793) with 44.289 swabs
Veneto 380.521: +1.130 cases (yesterday +728) with 43.284 swabs
Campania 335.273: +1.573 cases (yesterday +1.169) with 20.575 swabs
Emilia Romagna 334,343: + 1,187 ** cases (yesterday +2,011) with 33,338 swabs
Piedmont 306.982: +1.861 cases (yesterday +1.504) with 23.439 swabs
Lazio 283.647: +1.593 cases (yesterday +1.403) with 37.878 swabs
Tuscany 193,836: +1,180 cases (yesterday +1,021) with 25,093 swabs
Puglia 191,050: +1,527 cases (yesterday +786) with 12,234 swabs
Sicily 172.450: the ***** data not updated (yesterday +799)
Friuli Venezia Giulia 96,846: +447 cases (yesterday +301) with 7,300 swabs
Liguria 88,941: +489 cases (yesterday +337) with 7,288 swabs
Market 87,563: +333 cases (yesterday +232) with 5,334 swabs
P. A. Bolzano 68,837: +180 *** cases (yesterday +35) with 16,724 swabs
Abruzzo 64,924: + 153 * cases (yesterday +224) with 6,195 swabs
Umbria 50,746: +186 cases (yesterday +49) with 6,825 swabs
Calabria 46,611: +300 cases (yesterday +201) with 3,082 swabs
Sardinia 45,059: +205 cases (yesterday +164) with 3,046 swabs
P. A. Trento 41,044: +196 cases (yesterday +84) with 2,607 swabs
Basilicata 19.309: +128 cases (yesterday +33) with 1.351 swabs
Molise 12,253: +2 cases (yesterday +15) with 232 swabs
Valle d’Aosta 9,236: +76 **** cases (yesterday +27) with 1,337 swabs

Deaths region by region

The figure provided below, and broken down by region, is that of the total deaths since the beginning of the pandemic. The variation indicates the number of new deaths recorded in the last 24 hours.

Lombardy 30,635: +85 deaths (yesterday +88)
Veneto 10,590: +52 deaths (yesterday +10)
Campania 5,325: +64 deaths (yesterday +54)
Emilia Romagna 11,859: +67 deaths (yesterday +55)
Piedmont 10,269: +61 deaths (yesterday +18)
Lazio 6,606: +32 deaths (yesterday +45)
Tuscany 5,329: +32 deaths (yesterday +31)
Puglia 4,761: +35 deaths (yesterday +33)
Sicily 4,607: the data not updated (yesterday +24)
Friuli Venezia Giulia 3,290: +15 deaths (yesterday +11)
Liguria 3,865: +14 deaths (yesterday +4)
Market 2,611: +13 deaths (yesterday +7)
P. A. Bolzano 1,123: +2 deaths (yesterday +8)
Abruzzo 2,125: +25 deaths (yesterday +17)
Umbria 1,252: +5 deaths (yesterday no new deaths)
Calabria 815: +13 deaths (yesterday +2)
Sardinia 1,233: +4 deaths (yesterday +3)
P. A. Trento 1,282: +4 deaths (yesterday +1)
Basilicata 441: +2 deaths (yesterday +3)
Molise 437: +1 deaths (yesterday +2)
Valle d’Aosta 424: +3 deaths (yesterday +1)

* The Abruzzo Region announces that 3 cases have been eliminated from the cases already communicated, 1 case already reported by another region and 2 duplicated cases.

** The Emilia Romagna Region announces that 13 cases, positive to antigen test but not confirmed by molecular swab, have been eliminated from the cases previously communicated.

*** The Public Administration of Bolzano announces that 4 cases have been eliminated from the cases already communicated, positive for the antigen test but negative for the molecular test.

**** The Valle d’Aosta Region announces that following the recalculation of the 2020 cases, 58 cases not yet communicated have emerged (55 cases healed and 3 deaths), which are reported today, thus bringing the total number of cases to 9236. The real cases detected in the last 24 hours are 76.

***** The Region of Sicily will integrate data not communicated today for organizational reasons tomorrow.

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