17 hotbeds of peat fire continue to operate in Yekaterinburg

Over the past day in the south of Yekaterinburg, 10 hotbeds of peat fire were eliminated, 17 more hotbeds continue to operate, the press service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations in the Sverdlovsk region reported. According to rescuers, a 1.5 km long perimeter was plowed at the site of the fire; its total length is 5.5 km. An additional section for uninterrupted water supply has been created. During the day, an artificial reservoir was formed; just in the vicinity of the fire site, two reservoirs with a total capacity of about 180 cubic meters were prepared. m. By Sunday evening, the Shkval pumping and hose complex is expected to arrive at the fire site. Now 292 people and 50 pieces of equipment are working at the site of the fire.

The peat bog in the south of Yekaterinburg has been burning since Sunday, October 10. On Friday, the authorities introduced a local emergency on the territory adjacent to the Solnechny microdistrict in the area of ​​peat burning.

“Today, the emergency mode does not imply any harsh measures, recommendations for residents of Solnechny, as well as the Shirokaya Rechka and Akademichesky districts, are to spend less time on the street and not open windows in order to ventilate the apartments,” the Forum holding press service said. -groups “(developer of the Solnechny microdistrict).

“Representatives of the owner of the land plot (the plot belongs to ZPIF“ Investments and Management ”and is in trust management by LLC MC“ Aurum Investment ”) are trying to help in solving the situation with the elimination of the fire, take on the issue of supplying fuel for equipment, took on the payment of food rescuers. The management company of Solnechnoye has been providing assistance to rescuers from the first days of the emergency and takes its own fire safety measures, including regular detours around the area, ”the press service said.



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