Miami: Florida is an American state famous for its giant Burmese snakes. Burmese snakes pose a serious threat to Florida’s habitat. Years ago, Burmese snakes were first brought to Florida from Asia for breeding.

Breeding favorably, they spread extensively to birds, raccoons, and deer in and around Florida. Giant Burmese snakes are commonly caught from Florida.

But wildlife researchers have caught the largest net ever caught in Florida. The female was 18 feet long and weighed 215 pounds (98 kg). Researchers say it was captured last December in the Everglades region after a 20 – minute battle.

Researchers kept the euthanized snake in a special freezer until April. 122 eggs were found in the snake’s stomach that day. This is the first time a snake has been caught with so many eggs. Furthermore, the postmortem revealed that the giant snake was the last to ingest the white-tailed deer.

Florida has been working to reduce the number of Burmese Pythons since 2013. Authorities have so far seized about 1,000 snakes.

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