1860 Munich: Lions now also have bad luck with injuries – football

How is that supposed to work with the ascent?

Five draws in eight games, 12th place. The team of coach Michael Köllner (51) could not yet win, but at least managed to score 1-1 in Halle with the core group weakened by corona and quarantine.

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But in addition to the corona chaos, there is now also bad luck with injuries: Marcel Bär (29) is out longer!

The offensive player injured his left shoulder in Halle and had to go down after 57 minutes. Then yesterday the diagnosis: a capsule injury in the shoulder joint! The striker can avoid an operation. It is uncertain when he will be able to train again.

Six regular employees now have to be replaced until further notice: Kevin Goden has tested positive for the corona virus. Yannick Deichmann, Quirin Moll, Phillipp Steinhart and Keanu Staude are in isolation, but should be in work quarantine from Tuesday. That would mean: Training with a negative test would be possible, you will not be able to participate in games until September 23rd – if all tests are negative.

Even with coach Köllner, who does not yet have full vaccination protection, the Munich health department decides when he will be allowed to stand on the sidelines in the Grünwald stadium again. In Halle, he was forbidden to participate in the game at short notice (BILD reported).

A lot of chaos in the environment – that doesn’t leave the team unaffected.

“We try to keep everything that happens around it away from the team. But the team is not a computer, it’s people, you noticed that. The focus was right, but it is clear that it cannot be excluded 100 percent ”, says sports director Günther Gorenzel (49).

After all: three of the next four games will take place in the Grünwalder Stadium. Next Saturday comes Zwickau, then Viktoria Berlin (October 2nd) and Mannheim (October 16).

And at home the lions are still unbeaten.



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