193 thousand beneficiaries of mental health hospital services in Bisha

The Bisha Health Authority announced that the Mental Health and Long-Term Care Hospital in Bisha provided services to (193,841) beneficiaries, during the first half of 2022 AD.

Where services were provided to 9,780 beneficiaries through outpatient clinics, and the number of beneficiaries from the emergency department services reached (1,500) beneficiaries.

The number of inpatients reached 457

While the number of inpatients reached 457 patients. During the same period, more than 148,748 laboratory examinations were conducted, 5934 patients were served in the Radiology Department, and 16,766 prescriptions were issued.

The home medicine team carried out 1,656 home visits, while the number of physiotherapy sessions reached 3,745, and the number of visitors to the Employment Examination Center reached 5,246.


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