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It ends with a disaster announced on worst Six Nations in the history of Italrugby. A Edinburgh, on the lawn that still tells the latest blue success in the Tournament (2015) another depressing afternoon is staged, dominated (52-10) without too much effort from Scotland, in a challenge won for manifests inferiority of the opponent.

The horrible year of the Italian presence at court goes to file and at the end the accumulation of negative records embarrassing: 32 consecutive losses in the Six Nations, worst point difference in the history of the Tournament (-194, the previous one, also from Italy, -152), greater number of goals conceded all time (34 compared to 29 collected in the worst season of O’Shea’s driving), worst passive in history against Scotland. Numbers that condemn one young team, unable to win, inadequate at a level that only a few years ago seemed the best training ground for cultivating the ambitions of an Italy destined to grow.

The team pays the lack of leadership , the generational chasm, the lack of connection between the brood arrived in the national team without having a guide on the field who knows how to dictate the course. The last game of an endless black streak can only be the turning point, from here it must be rebuilt, who knows if the new federal guide I will immediately want to blow on the wind of change. The team has no reference points, it undergoes, it does not have a fundamental part of the game to which its difficulties can be anchored and, above all, it has totally lost the defensive organization. The 8 goals conceded (against the only one, at the opening of the game, by captain Bigi) by a Scotland that certainly did not damn its soul, they cry for revenge and it hurts to see a talented midfielder and a guaranteed future like Varney (the only one to save himself in the storm) – Garbisi, forced to get used to the role of sure loser.

The Six Nations of silences and deserted stadiums goes away, Across the Channel, on several occasions, he was asked to review Italy’s role in the Tournament because in the end all the opponents used the game with the blues as the only way to take away the additional bonus point. Something will have to be changed quickly and then if there is a playoff to play, a play-off in order not to lose the place in the tournament, a game with no future, it will be right to test yourself. Because the habit of defeat is becoming the insurmountable wall of Italian rugby.

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