2.5 kg of gold found in the stone.. A person who became a millionaire overnight!

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We have seen so many movies where the hero and heroine go on a journey in search of secret places where precious things like gold and diamonds are said to be. It is said that the villagers around the Kolar gold field mine were engaged in a similar search.

Very few people who set out in search of gold may have found a handful of soil containing gold particles. But it cannot be said with certainty that the gold would have been found in kilos or even pounds. In the state of Victoria, Australia, there is a mountainous area with gold ores that can be called the ‘Golden Triangle’. There, too, it is common for people to set out on gold-hunting trips and often return empty-handed.

It is enough to leave the stone rock slightly yellow in color. There are people who carry it immediately thinking it is a gold bar and are deceived. There is a gold jewelery shop called ‘Lucky Gold Strike’ located adjacent to this area. Metal detectors are also sold there to help people go gold hunting. Not much, the price of a gold detector is only Rs. 65 thousand in Indian value. It is a different story that at this price you can buy at least 10 grams of gold at today’s rates. But none of the people who bought this detector with great desire got any large amount of gold.

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Perseverance and Success: A man who bought a detector from a Lucky Gold Strike store has been on a diligent search. Finally, he found a stone weighing 4.6 kg. He brought it to the store, hoping that the stone, which was heavily dusted, might contain very little gold. He also asked if it would cost 5 lakhs.

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But store owner Taren Kamp, who has 40 years of experience in the gold business, began to examine the stone. Then he came to know that inside the stone there was a lump of green which he had never seen before in his life. After weighing the gold, it was 2.6 kg. It is valued at 2.40 lakh dollars in Australian dollar terms. 1.3 crore in Indian terms.

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