2: 5 to Atlanta on Spezia, Podgrano partner

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After the disappointment of the Italian team, which finished only in second place in the home stage of the World Cup qualifiers and qualified for the playoffs, Serie A returned to action today (Saturday). In the 13th round, four games will take place today, when in the early meeting Atlanta defeated the end of Podgrano 2: 5, which came up in the 81st minute. Later, Lazio will host Juventus, and AC Milan hope to rise at least temporarily to the top of the table when they play away to Fiorentina.

Atlanta – Special 2: 5
A game that started in a very optimistic way for the Israeli’s team, and ended in a loss that leaves Spezia at the bottom of the table. The end of Podgrano came off the bench in the 81st minute, and Atalanta clung on to Inter, who are in 3rd place in the table.

In the 11th minute Ambla Anzola took advantage of a bad shot by Juan Musso and scored from a return ball. The advantage lasted only seven minutes, after Davida Zapkosta provided great cooking for Mario Pashlic. In the 38th minute Duban Spata completed the turnaround from the penalty spot, and three minutes later a collaboration of the two Atlanta conquerors yielded the third, with Pashlic scoring his second of the game thanks to Spata’s cooking. Luis Muriel (83) and Rubelen Malinowski joined the team’s celebration from Bergamo (89), and towards the end Anzola completed a double and shrank to 5: 2.

Atlanta is now in fourth place in the table, below Inter. On Tuesday, the team from Bergamo expects an important away game in the Champions League against the Young Boys, and in the next round in Italy it will meet Juventus. Spezia suffered its eighth loss of the season in the league, and in the next round it will try to recover from the heavy loss in a home game against Bologna.

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