2 dead and at least 8 injured

More shootings in the United States. Two people were killed and at least eight injured in several shootings that took place last night in Virginia Beach, a coastal town in Virginia. Police said a patrol intervened after hearing “several gunshots” and found “several” people shot in a tourist area on the waterfront.

According to the statement, officers opened fire and killed a suspect after hearing more gunshots nearby. The other victim is a woman, who was killed in another shooting, which also took place in the area. “What we have before us is a chaotic situation, a chaotic night on the beach with many different crime scenes,” said the spokesman for the local police, pointing out that the investigation is underway.

The Virginia Beach shootings come as the country has reopened the debate on gun violence and the need for laws to control their sale after the Atlanta and Boulder massacres in which a total of 18 people were killed.


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