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“They are the artist who ran a long distance for this Tamil nation. The Government of Tamil Nadu considers it its duty to raise him to great heights, ”said Vice President Venkaiah Naidu, who is set to unveil the 16-foot-tall statue of Karunanidhi at an eye-popping height, as Chief Minister MK Stalin has said in the Assembly.

A statue of the late Chief Minister Karunanidhi will be unveiled at the Omanthurai Government Estate in Chennai tomorrow evening. Vice President Venkaiah Naidu is scheduled to unveil the statue in the presence of Chief Minister MK Stalin.

Vice President Of India Venkaiah Naidu Statue Of Karunanidhi At The Omanthurai Estate In Chennai On The 28th |  Continuing friendship ... Continuing love ... The spouse opens the statue of the artist ...

Speaking under Rule 110 in the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly on April 26, Chief Minister MK Stalin said, “June 3, the birthday of the artist as the son of Muthuvelar-Anjugam Ammayya in Thiruvarur, will be celebrated as a state festival. I am also proud to announce that a majestic statue of the majestic artist will be installed on June 3 at the Omanthurai Government Estate in Chennai. ”


Subsequently, the Omanthurai Government took steps to erect a statue on the premises of the Multipurpose High-Speed ​​Hospital at the estate premises. Accordingly, the work of erecting the statue at an estimated cost of Rs. 1.56 crore was in full swing. The work of designing the statue took place at the sculpture gallery in Minsur.

Artist statue installed at Omanthurai garden .. Statue unveiling ceremony on the 28th ..

The statue was designed by sculptor Deenadayalan. He was the one who designed his entire statue which was placed in the Anna Temple after the death of Karunanidhi. Following this, sculptor Deenadayalan has made more than 20 statues of Karunanidhi in Tamil Nadu alone. The Public Works Department also ordered the statue of Karunanidhi to be placed by the Tamil Nadu government in the Omanthurai estate with him.

Karunanidhi statue: 3 tons of clay;  2 ton bronze - the largest metal statue in Tamil Nadu is being made!  |  Article about Former Chief Minister new karunanidhi's statue

He also designed a model statue of 3 tons of clay and sent a photograph of it to the Prime Minister for approval. Following his approval, he began designing a full-length bronze statue. The statue is made entirely of bronze and weighs 2 tons. This statue is similar to the one in the Anna Arivalayam in Chennai. A 12 feet high pedestal has been erected to erect this 16 feet high statue.

Karunanidhi statue getting ready for the opening ceremony !!Karunanidhi statue getting ready for the opening ceremony !!

Following the completion of the statue design work, a statue of Karunanidhi was erected at the Omanthurai Estate in Chennai. The present statue of Karunanidhi is the tallest metal statue. The government initially planned to erect a statue on Anna Road. But the exact location has not been determined.

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Government officials have advised to keep the statue at Omanthurai premises as the situation may change in the future due to traffic congestion on Anna Road. Officials have also told Chief Minister MK Stalin that placing the statue on the road could affect traffic as the height of the statue is too high.

Following this, the Chief Minister announced that a statue of Karunanidhi would be unveiled at MK Stalin’s Omanthurai premises. “They are the artist who ran a long distance for this Tamil nation. The Government of Tamil Nadu considers it its duty to raise him to a higher level, ”Vice President Venkaiah Naidu said as he unveiled a 16-foot-tall statue of Chief Minister MK Stalin in the Assembly.

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