20 crores to buy diesel for KSRTC; Amount within 4 days | The government has sanctioned Rs 20 crore for diesel to KSRTC KSRTC | | Breaking News

KSRTC pulled the public by cutting the service citing diesel shortage. The finance department has sanctioned Rs 20 crore to settle the arrears of diesel suppliers, but it will take four days to reach the account. The transport minister sought a report from the CMD regarding the service cuts as unions alleged that the diesel crisis was artificial.

Today, only 40 percent of the ordinary services on which the rural areas depend most have come into service. In addition to the 123 crores to be paid in advance to the suppliers, the arrears of 13 crores last month caused the diesel supply to be disrupted. The finance department has sanctioned Rs 20 crore to settle the arrears. It will take four days for the amount to reach the account to complete the process and the service will continue to be cut until Wednesday. Until then, it is suggested that each bus should use diesel from its own collection. At the same time, the unions alleged that the management was trying to make it seem that they could not pay the salaries from the daily earnings. 702 ordinary services were canceled on Friday alone. Despite the suggestion not to cancel superclass services, five long-distance services were also canceled at Thiruvananthapuram Thampanoor Central Stand.


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