2021 support decree postponed, that’s when it can arrive

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When does the 2021 support decree arrive? The go-ahead from the Council of Ministers could be postponed to next week. According to the time.news, the approval of the dl with the new tranche of refreshments, expected for Friday at the CDM, would be postponed by a few days to integrate the rules arrived from the ministries, such as the work package with the measures for the extension of the Cig .


Compensation for activities up to 5 million euros: for the refreshment, the decrease in turnover on an annual and not bimonthly basis will be taken into account, as leaked in some drafts. Or at least this is the clarification that came from the Mise after the discontent of the minor activities. The refreshment decreases with the increase in turnover (annual, calculated on 2019): 20% up to 400 thousand euros, 15% up to 1 million and 10% between 1 and 5 million. In any case, the support would range from a minimum of one thousand euros (2 thousand for companies) and 150 thousand euros. Total cost of the operation: approximately 9.5 billion euros.


The ‘work’ package of the Sostegni dl should provide for the extension of the redundancy block until June 30 and the extension of the Covid-19 Cig at the end of the year. The decree could also find space for a new derogation from the dignity dl to facilitate fixed-term contracts. The dl should allocate 1 billion to the refinancing of the citizen’s income and should extend the emergency income.


In the Dl Sostegni the excerpt of the pre-2015 folders should enter within 5 thousand euros. An ad hoc scrapping for the VAT numbers is coming, which in 2020 recorded a decrease in turnover of more than 33% The rule would allow beneficiaries to pay without penalties and interest the sums due in the 2017 and 2018 tax periods. for payments related to the tax bills are suspended until April 30 but from March 1 the collection machine starts again with the notification of new deeds. The suspended deadlines will be paid “within the sixtieth day” from the end of the suspension. The deadlines for the installments of the scrapping and the balance and excerpt of 2018 have also been changed.


Refreshment of 1,000 euros for three months for seasonal workers and for the tourism sector.

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