2021 tax amnesty, canceled tax bills: latest news


“This is in fact an amnesty, but of fines from over 10 years ago, which we have contained in the amount of 5000 euros”. Prime Minister Mario Draghi thus outlines the provision relating to the cancellation of the tax bills according to the support decree 2021.

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According to what time.news learns, the mediation proposal on the folder node put forward by Minister Franco and the premier, doubtful about a wide-ranging amnesty, would have passed. So yes to the cancellation of old files, but only with an income tax that does not exceed 30 thousand euros. The white-out shot on the cards will be valid until 2011, while initially it should have covered the period 2000-2015. Until 2015, the mediation reached in the Council of Ministers, the cancellation should be linked to the reform for the efficiency of the collection system requested by Lega and Fi.

These are old folders up to 5000 euros in amount, which at this point will be canceled only for those with an income tax below 30 thousand euros and not for everyone, as initially foreseen and advocated by Lega, Forza Italia and also M5S, even with some distinctions. While on the collection reform, requested by Lega and Forza Italia, which should allow the removal of old folders under 5 thousand euros until 2015, “for the purpose of a redefinition of the legislative discipline of difficult-to-exempt credits – reads the text – and for the efficiency of the collection system, the Minister of Economy and Finance, within sixty days of the entry into force of this decree, submits a report to the Parliament for the consequent resolutions containing the criteria for proceeding with the revision of the control mechanism and discharge of unclaimed credits “.


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