2023 senatorial elections in Yvelines: Gérard Larcher confirmed, the left returns

2023 senatorial elections in Yvelines: Gérard Larcher confirmed, the left returns

2023-09-25 01:23:56

A satisfactory copy but no grand slam for Les Républicains. The result of the senatorial elections organized this Sunday confirmed that Yvelines indeed remained a land of the right: the 2,933 voters largely supported LR. With 1,634 votes, the party won four of the six seats up for renewal in the department. Marc Lévrier, outgoing senator (Renaissance), keeps his place thanks to 421 ballots in his favor.

Gathered under the aegis of the ecologist Ghislaine Senée, the left snatches a chair. The former mayor of Évecquemont thus enters the Senate and marks the return of the Yvelines left to the hemicycle, thanks to 375 votes. A feat, as the divisions were so sharp for this election. The National Rally and LFI remain at the dock, with Marine Le Pen’s party gathering twice as many votes as Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s.

Ghislaine Senée (EELV) is also a regional advisor.

This election had a particular flavor in Yvelines since the LR list was led by Gérard Larcher, the president of the Senate. At 74, the second person in state retains his seat at the Luxembourg Palace, which he has presided over since 2008. The former mayor of Rambouillet should logically keep his place on the “plateau”, the equivalent of the perch among senators.

The presence of “only” four elected officials on the LR list allows Chatou to keep its mayor. Éric Dumoulin appeared on the list led by Gérard Larcher. Accumulation of mandates obliges, he had to leave his place to his first deputy Michèle Grellier… on condition that the Republicans obtain five seats and that he is therefore elected.

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