2023’s Top Horror Game: Amnesia The Bunker Review – A Classic Series Returns with a Terrifying World War I Setting, a Challenging AI Monster, and Innovative Features to Keep You on the Edge of Your Seat

2023’s Top Horror Game: Amnesia The Bunker Review – A Classic Series Returns with a Terrifying World War I Setting, a Challenging AI Monster, and Innovative Features to Keep You on the Edge of Your Seat

2023-06-11 01:23:17

During the year 2023, we are witnessing a significant recovery in the classification of horror games, after the release of RE4 Remake And Outlast Trials And Dead Space Remakehere we are at the return of one of the best classic horror series with a new installment titled Amnesia: The Bunker.

Frictional Games, the developer of the Amnesia series, features classic horror games like that series, as well as a game Soma Which was released in 2015. Their last release before Amnesia: The Bunker was another part of the series titled Amnesia: Rebirth and it achieved great success, so could this part provide a better experience?

Game story without spoilers

Amnesia: The Bunker takes place during the First World War, especially the war between Germany and France. Events begin in the midst of that battle and the hero of the game Henry Clement The French soldier who finds himself in the midst of the German army, next to his friend Augustin Lambert They are trying to escape from the German bullets.

henri and lambert

After they are attacked, Henri wakes up inside a French army bunker after lying in a coma with amnesia. He finds himself inside this dark basement filled with the corpses of soldiers, and his only way out has been bombed. Henri embarks on a mission to find the appropriate tools to blow up the exit again and escape, and during that he must escape from that terrifying monster that lives in this basement and tries to discover what happened to all those corpses.

The game does not contain cutscenes other than those at the beginning of the game. The story of what happened in this bunker and the secret of the monster that inhabits it is presented through the notes left by the French soldiers, which are distributed throughout the bunker.

Game content

  • Amnesia: The Bunker game isLinear gamewith the freedom to explore their own semi-open world environments. Where the player can explore the five areas offered by the game in the order he desires.
  • The missions in the game consist of a main objective that revolves around finding the explosive device and dynamite to blow up the exit and escape from the basement. The game informs you of this goal by highlighting some of the soldiers’ notes that you find, which tell you what to do and where to find those tools.
  • The game takes you from one task to another, while you are performing the main task and although you know exactly where the two required tools are, the game poses other challenges for you. password.
Amnesia: The Bunker - prison
  • You can perform some side activities, which are usually just out of curiosity, as the game does not contain any side content or Collectables. However, you will always find many doors that need a secret number, and other doors that require iron scissors to break their chains, which you can return to again whenever you want when you find the appropriate tool.
  • In the middle of the basement, you find the main room, which contains the ability to save your progress in the game, manage your resources, and save them in the chest. In addition to the fuel-powered generator room, which you will return to from time to time to fill it with fuel.
  • As usual in the Amnesia series, darkness represents a dangerous enemy for the player. In the game Amnesia: The Bunker, you have to always look for fuel to fill the generator, which quickly runs out of fuel, and when it runs out, darkness spreads throughout the bunker and activates the main monster and ferocious mice.
  • Your main enemies in this game are the main monster of course that follows the sound and drops of blood that fall from you if you are injured to attack you. The monster emerges from holes in the walls of the cellar distributed throughout. But don’t worry, the game warns you before it goes out and you can hide under the tables or inside the cupboards.
  • The main monster of Amnesia: The Bunker has a powerful AI. He can hear the sound of your steps and the sounds of the environment around you, such as when you hit a bottle and it makes a loud sound, and the monster approaches you more and more.
  • If the monster comes out on you, you have a chance. If the character’s health is good, you will receive a strong blow from the monster, but you can run away. If you are already injured, the monster can kill you with one hit.
  • The game environment is full of ferocious mice that will attack you if you get close to them. And also with booby traps consisting of either gas bombs or fire booby traps. All of which put you in danger of the monster knowing your location, whether through the sound of the explosion or through the drops of blood that the monster can track.
  • The player can carry seven tools in his bag. The main tools such as the lamp or watch and scissors and other tools that are used to complete the tasks, and other tools such as bandages, bombs and tools of Crafting.
  • The game offers a very simple Crafting system, where you can combine two pieces of cloth to make a bandage, or make Molotov cocktails and light a piece of wood to keep the mice away.
  • The player also has a gun in his hand. It can be used to break some locks, but its most important function is to defend yourself against a monster. The monster will not die from your shots, but one bullet makes it stagger for a few seconds and two or three bullets are enough to make it run away.

Game features

Amnesia: The Bunker - map
  • Offering an excellent classic horror experience that keeps the player in constant terror and tension.
  • The Amnesia series is always distinguished by its different stories and most importantly its shocking ending, as Amnesia: The Bunker game offers a coherent story and an interconnected ending with its events that follow it through the leaves scattered within its environment.
  • Simple and smooth environmental design. Although there is some similarity between the corridors of the basement, the game took advantage of all opportunities to help the player to save its environment and move around it easily.
Amnesia: The Bunker - health
  • The artificial intelligence of the main monster is amazing and increases the difficulty of the game, as well as motivates the player to respect the elements that the game offers regarding this monster.
  • Each player has a different experience from the other, as some tasks can be completed at the beginning or at the end, and the distribution of resources, their percentage, and their locations change randomly for each player. New Game.
  • Introducing new ideas for the series, such as a flashlight that requires a constant rewind to emit light, as well as an innovative way to display a player’s health by the amount of blood on their hand.

Game defects

Amnesia: The Bunker - gun
  • Unsatisfactory graphical experience. Amnesia: The Bunker does not offer great graphics that differ from the previous part.
  • Entering each of the five zones causes an abrupt pause of a second or less to load that zone, sometimes extending up to several seconds.
  • Lack of voice conversations, at first some papers were read by Henri with his voice, then soon this stopped and that feature disappeared until the end of the game.
  • Some players have encountered some technical problems and the Glitchs repeatedly. But it’s a rare occurrence and rarely affects your progress in the game.
  • Some problems with the door opening system that depends on simulating opening the door with your hand, sometimes it is not as smooth as expected.
  • There is no bar forStamina“You can dance forever.

Should I buy Amnesia: The Bunker?

Yes, I recommend it, you will live approximately 5 hours of terror, tension, and the joy of completing missions. The game is available at $ 25 on all platforms, and it is also available for free through Gamepass subscription.

Story – 8.5

Play style – 9

Technical performance – 7.5

graphic experiment – 7


Very good

We miss horror games that focus so much on story and logical horror, Amnesia doesn’t need to put “flickers” everywhere to scare you. Amnesia: The Bunker introduces a clever main enemy and new horror elements that are a step forward for this iconic series.

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