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Not only Karnataka but the whole country was shocked to see the huge flood that happened in Bengaluru. Heavy rains in history hit IT. The inundation of the city affected the residents of Bengaluru to a great extent.

Moreover, the people of Bengaluru had to go to great lengths to rescue vehicles submerged in flood water and repair them. Therefore, freemium car companies like Audi and Lexus had given various offers to their customers. But Anirudh Ganesh from the same Bengaluru has shared the incident on his LinkedIn page with heartbreak that happened to the person who had serviced his Volkswagen Polo car.

In it, his Polo TSI which was submerged in flood. Anirudh has towed the petrol car to Apple Auto service center in Whitefield with a truck. Called from Volkswagen service center almost 20 days later.

Then your car is totally damaged. He said that this is the cost of fixing it and said it is 22 lakh rupees. Knowing this, Anirudh said that the total price of the car is 11 lakhs. But the person who claimed 22 lakhs to service it has contacted the insurance company ACO.

But the insurance company said that they can only get insurance for Anirudh’s car for 6 lakh rupees. But they have given an idea that if you get the estimate bill from the service center, you can make a claim.


Accordingly, Anirudhu has requested and received the estimation bill. Generally, when car showrooms give an estimate to the insurance company, it is usually done within Rs.5000. The twist is that the Volkswagen service center has billed Rs 44,840 for the estimation document only. So far they have billed 4000 rupees along with GST for parking the car at the service center.


So even if the car is totaled, even if he spends 45,000 rupees to get the car in total, he will be able to get 6 lakh rupees from the insurance company. Therefore, Anirudh Ganesh expressed his apprehension by posting on the LinkedIn site as he did not receive any response after sending an email to the Volkswagen company.

After Anirudh’s post caught the attention of the Volkswagen India management, they said, “5,000 rupees is enough”.


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