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I’m 23.832 i new cases of coronavirus in Italy (yesterday they were +25,735, here the bulletin). Salt so at least 3.356.331 the number of people who have contracted the SARS-CoV-2 virus (including recovered and died) since the outbreak began. THE deaths today I’m 401 (yesterday they were +386), for a total of 104,642 victims from February 2020. People recovered or discharged they are altogether 2.686.236 e 14.598 those that came out of the Covid nightmare today (+16,292 yesterday). The positive current – the subjects who have the virus – turn out to be in everything 565.453, equal to +8.914 compared to yesterday (+9.029 the day before).

The swabs and the scenario

I total swabs (molecular and antigenic) were 354.480, or 10,342 less than yesterday when it was 364,822. While the rate of positivity 6,7% (the approximation of 6.723%): it means that out of 100 swabs performed more than 6, almost 7, were positive; yesterday it was 7%. Here is the map of the contagion in Italy.

Less infections in 24 hours than yesterday, compared to fewer tampons. The case / test ratio drops slightly, settling at 6.7% from 7% the day before, therefore more or less stable. A small good sign if you consider that the percentage generally tends to rise with less analysis. The curve starts to go down, as it always happens on the weekend (even if the buffers are the ones processed on Friday), and then touches the minimum on Monday due to the effect of a few buffers. From the comparison with the data of last Saturday, when +26,062 cases were registered with a positive rate of 7%, it seems that the scenario has changed little, if we look at the two percentages, if not even a little improved. However, the amounts of new infections are high. Without forgetting the total of the current positives which exceeds the 560 thousand total infected (as in mid-January). it is good to continue to respect the rules, keeping the distance, repeated yesterday Gianni Rezza, director of Prevention of the Ministry of Health.

The Lombardy remains the most affected region for the number of new cases (+4,810, here the bulletin), below 5,000 new positives after two days above this value, with over 56,000 swabs, which is the highest number of regional tests in the day. More than 2 thousand cases follow: Emilia Romagna (+2.560), Campania (+2.196), Piedmont (+2.141, here the bulletin) e Veneto (+2.044). To have over a thousand new infections are Puglia (+1.983), Lazio (+1.821) e Tuscany (+1.510). All other regions have a two- or three-digit increase.

The curve of the new positives on the Civil Protection website

The victims

The victims are increasing: they are 401 against 386 yesterday (15 more). Always many. But past deaths, inserted late, are also counted in the bulletin. For example, Abruzzo records 35 deaths, but 24 concern people who lost their lives in recent days and Campania has 28 deaths of which 16 died in the last 48 hours and 12 died previously. Two regions with zero bereavement – it is Basilicata and Valle d’Aosta – while the highest number of deaths in Lombardy (+78), Piedmont (+52, of which 2 occurred today) ed Emilia Romagna (+47).

The health system

The pressure on hospitals is still rising. The beds occupied in ordinary Covid wards I’m +203 (yesterday +164), for a total of 27,061 hospitalized. I beds occupied in intensive care (ICU) I’m +23 (yesterday +31), bringing the total of more seriously ill a 3.387. The variation in the number of beds occupied, in the critical and non-critical areas, indicates the balance between the patients who left and those who entered in the last 24 hours. In fact, i new entrances to resuscitation I’m +243 (yesterday +242). The highest number of ICT admissions in Lombardy (+54), Emilia-Romagna (+34) and Lazio (+29).

Here we recall the peaks in national hospitalizations that occurred in the second and first waves, bringing health facilities under stress.
Peak of ordinary hospitalizations of the second wave: 34,679 hospitalized on 23 November.
Peak of ordinary hospitalizations of the first wave: 29,010 hospitalized on April 4th.
Second wave intensive care peak: 3,848 patients on 25 November.
Peak of intensive care of the first wave: 4,068 patients on April 3.

Coronavirus in Italy, today's March 20 bulletin: 23,832 new cases and 401 deaths

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The cases region by region

The data provided below, and broken down by region, is that of total cases (number of people found positive since the beginning of the epidemic: includes deaths and recovered). The variation indicates the number of new cases registered in the last 24 hours.

Lombardy 693.917: +4.810 cases (yesterday +5.518) with 56.383 swabs
Veneto 364.969: +2.044 cases (yesterday +1.917) with 45.397 swabs
Campania 317.182: +2.196 cases (yesterday +1.997) with 22.090 swabs
Emilia Romagna 314.526: + 2.560 * cases (yesterday +3.188) with 36.549 swabs
Piedmont 287.164: +2.141 cases (yesterday +2.997) with 31.017 swabs
Lazio 266.529: +1.821 cases (yesterday +2.188) with 37.419 swabs
Tuscany 180,998: +1,510 cases (yesterday +1,365) with 25,044 swabs
Puglia 174,983: +1,983 cases (yesterday +1,785) with 11,296 swabs
Sicily 165.140: +782 cases (yesterday +859) with 27.688 swabs
Friuli Venezia Giulia 91,077: +906 cases (yesterday +910) with 11,337 swabs
Liguria 84,759: +458 cases (yesterday +427) with 7,229 swabs
Market 82,473: +856 cases (yesterday +822) with 6,616 swabs
Abruzzo 62,172: + 370 ** cases (yesterday +417) with 6,318 swabs
P. A. Bolzano 57,194: +116 *** cases (yesterday +127) with 11,452 swabs
Umbria 49,082: +206 cases (yesterday +182) with 5,393 swabs
Calabria 43,099: +394 cases (yesterday +376) with 3,416 swabs
Sardinia 43,081: +102 cases (yesterday +134) with 2,889 swabs
P. A. Trento 39,238: +307 cases (yesterday +306) with 3,820 swabs
Basilicata 18,250: +147 cases (yesterday +116) with 1,558 swabs
Molise 11.923: +62 cases (yesterday +41) with 831 swabs
Valle d’Aosta 8,575: +61 cases (yesterday +63) with 738 swabs

Deaths region by region

The figure provided below, and broken down by region, is that of total deaths since the start of the pandemic. The variation indicates the number of new deaths recorded in the last 24 hours.

Lombardy 29,709: +78 deaths (yesterday +80)
Veneto 10,338: +20 deaths (yesterday +23)
Campania 4,871: +28 deaths (yesterday +13)
Emilia Romagna 11,390: +47 deaths (yesterday +42)
Piedmont 9,896: +52 deaths (yesterday +33)
Lazio 6,340: +24 deaths (yesterday +38)
Tuscany 5,059: +18 deaths (yesterday +25)
Puglia 4,447: +26 deaths (yesterday +27)
Sicily 4,422: +10 deaths (yesterday +15)
Friuli Venezia Giulia 3,111: +14 deaths (yesterday +21)
Liguria 3,790: +5 deaths (yesterday +5)
Market 2,493: +20 deaths (yesterday +9)
Abruzzo 2,007: +35 deaths (yesterday +29)
P. A. Bolzano 1.101: +2 deaths (no new deaths yesterday)
Umbria 1,205: +12 deaths (yesterday +6)
Calabria 762: +4 deaths (yesterday +6)
Sardinia 1,205: +2 deaths (yesterday +2)
P. A. Trento 1,254: +2 deaths (yesterday +3)
Basilicata 406: no new deaths (yesterday +5)
Molise 417: +2 deaths (yesterday +4)
Valle d’Aosta 419: no new deaths for the third day in a row

* Emilia-Romagna announces that, from the total of positives, declared in the previous days, 22 cases have been eliminated, positive for antigen test but not confirmed by molecular swab.

** Abruzzo announces that 1 case has been subtracted from the total of positives declared in the previous days as it is a duplicate.

*** The Public Administration of Bolzano announces that from the total of positives, declared in the previous days, 4 cases have been eliminated, positive for antigen test but not confirmed by molecular swab.

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