25hours Hotel Dubai: This is what the oasis for city nomads looks like

25hours Hotel Dubai: This is what the oasis for city nomads looks like

Anyone waiting for a taxi in the air-conditioned entrance area of ​​the 25hours Hotel in Dubai can experience how a wide variety of automobiles pull up here every minute and the car doors open. Whether it’s a Mini, a Bentley, a white van or an Uber vehicle, the mix of people couldn’t be more polyglot. Very different people are making their way towards the lobby, reception or one of the function rooms: Arab men in their white dishdasha robes deep in conversation, women in high heels looking at their cell phones, African businessmen in suits without ties, a young couple with trolley suitcases and backpack – all of them individual travellers.

Only one target group does not check in here: beach holidaymakers with bath towels and flip-flops. In contrast to other hotels such as those on the Palm Jumeirah, the hip house is not close to the water, but in the middle of the business center near the exhibition halls of the World Trade Center and in the shadow of the Emirates Towers, which are more than 350 meters high.

The Hamburg hotel brand 25hours, in cooperation with Accor Hotels, has ventured the leap to a travel destination outside of Europe for the first time and opened a new hotel with 434 rooms and suites at the end of 2021. It quickly established itself as a permanent fixture in Dubai’s nightlife, where the locals also like to party. Be it in the restaurant with the very German name “Ernst”, where Bavarian cuisine with knuckle of pork, which is anything but halal, is served. Or the DJs who play in the Monkey Bar on the sixth floor. It can get so boozy and loud that not only the guests on the floors below complain, but also those from the opposite Jumeirah Emirates Towers.

Conglomeration of analogue devices

As with almost all of the 25hours hotels, which have now grown to a dozen, the hotel in Dubai also has a motto that can best be described as Bedouin style. There are also hundreds of flea market paraphernalia, a reminiscence of the analogue age of the past century. This includes a collection of 5000 vinyl records, VHS cassettes, portable radios, typewriters and instant cameras that are placed on the shelves in the co-working space.

The 25hours Hotel Dubai One Central is also the first hotel in the group to have a discreet arrow on its high ceiling: it points in the direction of Mecca.

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