28 thousand cases a year are registered

28 thousand cases a year are registered
  • The only vaccine against tuberculosis that exists is BCG and it was applied for the first time in 1921.
  • The WHO classifies it as the deadliest infectious disease on the planet because it generates 10 million new cases and 1.4 million deaths each year.
  • According to official figures, during 2022, just over 28,000 cases of tuberculosis were registered in Mexico.

One of the oldest diseases in history is tuberculosis and despite all efforts it remains active in countries like Mexico. In fact, there are not a few cases that are currently registered but it remains a serious global public health problem. That is why it is urgent to design new strategies based on prevention to achieve its eradication.

To understand the magnitude of the problem, Ruy López Ridaura, who is the head of the National Center for Preventive Programs and Disease Control (Cenaprece) spoke of the current panorama. Just over 28,000 cases were registered in Mexico in 2022 alone. In addition, 30 percent of people who carry the microbacterium are unaware of it.

The importance of prevention and timely detection

Based on the above, he emphasized the need to strengthen the detection capacity of this infectious disease with the active search for cases by health personnel in the community through molecular tests, whenever possible.

He also stressed that it is necessary to ensure the study of all contacts for each case of tuberculosis, as well as adherence to the treatment of the affected person and carry out close monitoring until cure is achieved.

During the inauguration of the International Tuberculosis Course “Academy, government and civil society in alliance for the control of tuberculosis in Mexico”, in the auditorium of the National Institute of Respiratory Diseases (INER) “Ismael Cosío Villegas”, pointed out that, through the promotion of health, the application of free tests and treatments, as well as the intentional search for cases, progress will be made in the elimination of this sickness.

The Cenaprece holder highlighted the motto Yes we can end TB!and explained that, currently, the diagnosis is based on smear microscopy, which also requires reinforcement, periodic evaluation and quality monitoring of the test.

López Ridaura stressed that the joint work of health institutions with civil society is essential to fight against stigma and socioeconomic barriers that limit access to diagnosis and treatment of this infectious disease. He added that the consolidation of this relationship is necessary to close access gaps and avoid complications.

Is it possible to eradicate tuberculosis?

He added that the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of the United Nations System specify that to end the tuberculosis (TB) epidemic it is necessary to reduce its incidence by 80 percent and the number of deaths by 90 percent by 2030.

The general director of INER, Jorge Salas Hernández, stressed that this institute began eight decades ago as a Sanatorium for Tuberculosis Patients in Huipulco. At present, even with the epidemiological transition, the disease continues to be a problem of the highest relevance in global medicine.

Tuberculosis is a curable disease, so it is essential to maintain prevention programs and actions to meet global goals, highlighted the advisor for Health Surveillance, Prevention and Control of the Department of Communicable Diseases and Environmental Determinants of Health of the office in Mexico of the Pan American Health Organization/World Health Organization (PAHO/WHO), Mónica Guardo Martínez.

He indicated that the objective of commemorating World Tuberculosis Day on March 24 is to sensitize the world’s populations about this health problem that represents a significant burden of disease and death.

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