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Using a Thermoscan to Screen for COVID-19 It is one of the measures taken during the COVID-19 pandemic.

But the current situation has changed. This requires a review of the measures taken to further optimize them. The latest results of the review of the aforementioned screening measures of the Covid-19 Situation Processing Commission The Ministry of Public Health (MOPH Intelligence Unit: MIU) found that this measure had a false effect. low efficiency and does not help prevent COVID-19

Ministry of Public Health to cancel the installation of thermometers in various places, revealing that it does not affect the control of COVID-19

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Health Intervention and Technology Assessment Program: APPEAL) Research organization under the International Health Policy Development Agency Office of the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Public Health has revealed the facts about thermometers In order to clarify the reason why such measures should be cancelled

1.) There is no evidence of effectiveness in screening.

Infrared thermometers, or thermal imaging systems, have low efficacy in the screening of COVID-19 patients with sensitivity. (sensitivity) ranging from 0%-39%, whether using the machine at the airport or at the hospital

Several factors have also been found that affect the effectiveness of body scan thermometers in screening patients for COVID-19:

  • COVID-19 patients More than half were asymptomatic (53% [95% CI: 36%-70%])
  • Patients can mask their fever by taking antipyretic drugs. Wear thick clothes to cover the body and the use of cosmetics, etc.
  • The measured temperature discrepancy may be caused by technical factors such as instrument properties, camera angle, constant room temperature between 18 – 24°C, constant air humidity between 20 – 75%, etc.

2.) Lack of clear evidence for preventing other diseases

Screening with a thermometer In addition to the issue of direct prevention of COVID-19, there are other issues to consider. But evidence continues to suggest that the use of thermometers should be discontinued. with the following information:

  • Temperature screening issues help screen for other infectious diseases

There is currently no clear evidence of temperature screening of infected travelers in influenza, dengue or Ebola patients.

It is believed that screening measures at airports will only slow the spread of the disease but will not prevent it. It may also cause overconfidence in safety. As a result, other necessary measures were neglected, such as social distancing, washing hands and wearing masks.

  • The issue of maintaining measures is a signal to prevent infectious disease patients from leaving the accommodation.

Others with elevated body temperature for other reasons, such as those who drink alcohol pregnant women or have menstruation cancer patient All of these people had temperatures above normal. may cause stigma against these individuals.

  • The International Air Transport Association (IATA) also recommends screening for temperature in airports.

The International Air Transport Association recognizes that no precautionary measure is the most effective. and the effectiveness of measures must be reviewed periodically to take only those measures that have evidence proven to be useful. and should consider the congestion, delay and inconvenience of travelers as important

3.) Many countries have abolished temperature measurements. screening for covid-19

Many countries have canceled screening measures with temperature measurement as follows:

  • united kingdom There is a recommendation for the sector stating that temperature screening is no longer necessary.
  • Singapore Canceling temperature screening in public spaces from August 2021 due to comprehensive vaccination. and have regular screening measures
  • United States of America There are currently no temperature recommendations for COVID-19 screening. Local authorities may implement different policies depending on the state.
  • Canada Canceling recommendations on temperature screening for COVID-19 screening This has been done even in the early stages of the epidemic. Policy implementation may vary from state to state.

All this information shows that “Thermometer” in the screening of COVID patients may no longer be necessary Recently, the Ministry of Public Health has instituted the Center for Covid-19 Situation Administration (CDC) to cancel the use of such measures in screening. before entering government offices and airports

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