3 strategies to manage your salary in foreign currency

3 strategies to manage your salary in foreign currency

2023-06-06 00:00:10

The possibility of working from anywhere and flexible hours are some of the attractions that have driven professionals to join remote work. But another significant advantage is being able to work for companies abroad, without leaving the country, and data point to this favoritism: 70% of respondents have already considered remote vacancies in foreign companies, according to the survey “Futuro do Trabalho”, by Futuros Possíveis with Opinion Box.

For many freelancers, the benefit of being paid in foreign currency turns this will into a protagonist. “Companies in the US, for example, are always hiring Brazilian talent and the fact that the salary is in US currency becomes a great differentiator. With that, many doubts arise about how to receive and manage payments in the best way”, comments Samyra Ramos, Marketing Specialist da Highglobe.

With that in mind, the executive suggests three strategies for managing payments in dollars. Check out:

1- Conduct analyzes with your accountant

When receiving in foreign currency, the professional needs to be aware of the taxes and fees that must be paid in Brazil. It is necessary to decide how the money will be received, whether it will be in an account for Individuals or Legal Entities. It is essential to understand the pros and cons of each of the modalities and to have the help of a qualified professional to find the most economical way to receive your dollars.

2- Pay attention to the currency quote

Changes in the market have a direct impact on the dollar exchange rate, increasing or decreasing its value. When managing your salary in US currency, it is important to observe the scenario and analyze whether it is favorable for the conversion. Be strategic and evaluate the best moment to transfer from your international account to the Brazilian one. It is also interesting to look for a platform that allows autonomy in your withdrawals.

3 – Look for a payment method that meets your needs

Working for American companies requires finding a way to receive international transfers, and new payment methods have helped these professionals to receive in a practical and safe way.

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