3 tips to succeed according to the oldest doctor in the world

3 tips to succeed according to the oldest doctor in the world
  • While some workers count the days until they can retire, there are also others who are so passionate about their profession that they remain active after so many decades.
  • Dr. Howard Tucker is 100 years old and holds the Guinness Record for being the world’s oldest working doctor.
  • He currently works at St. Vincent Charity Medical Center in Cleveland as Chief Resident for Neurology.

To succeed in a field as competitive as Medicine requires much more than passion. A lot of discipline and perseverance is also needed because the path is too long and some give up before completing the training. Instead, there are others like the oldest doctor in the world who even regardless of his age remains active and refuses to retire.

All the obstacles that must be overcome

In this sense, although most careers have a duration of four years, in Medicine it is different. The training covers between six and seven years, of which one is in boarding school and the other in social service. Both are mandatory, although many times they expose aspiring physicians.

In the case of rotations within hospitals, the biggest problem is that young people are exploited. They must support days of up to 36 continuous hours without rest.

Although they must fulfill the same functions as a worker, in reality they do not have a voice or rights. While in return they only receive a minimum scholarship with an amount that varies between 1,500 and 2,000 pesos per month. In reality, the support barely works to cover part of the transportation costs… and sometimes not even that.

With respect to social services, the situation is even worse. Every year thousands of interns are sent to rural areas that lack sufficient security measures. In fact, attacks against health professionals are frequently reported and sometimes the attacks are fatal.

The voice of experience: The oldest doctor in the world

Now, although in other countries the panorama is different, it is always worth listening to the opinion of those who have more experience. In that sense, an authoritative voice is the one who currently holds the Guinness Record for being the oldest active doctor in the world.

In this case we refer to the Dr. Howard Tuckerwho is originally from the United States and according to his certificate was born on July 10, 1922. Therefore, he has a centenary of life and the most surprising thing is that he remains active.

To better understand his extensive career, he entered college during World War II. Thanks to his efforts, he completed his studies and specialized in Neurology. Since then he has never stopped working.

He is currently part of the staff of the St. Louis Vincent Charity Medical Center with headquarters in Cleveland. In that hospital he works as a resident professor. He, therefore, is in charge of training the future specialists of the American Union.

Advice for future generations

At the same time, he is also active on social media. Through his TikTok account, he shared three tips for medical students. These are lessons that are easy to apply and are the pillar to achieve transcendence in this area.

  1. Study regularly and never tire of learning.
  2. Be kind and attentive to each of your patients.
  3. Learn the general concepts because they are the basis of everything.

For its part, this video is part of a project headed by the oldest doctor in the world. This is the documentary entitled “What’s Next” and directed by filmmaker Taylor Taglianetti.


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♬ Pieces (Solo Piano Version) – Danilo Stankovic

The idea is to show what life is like for Dr. Tucker. From his motivations to the activities he does in his daily life. The goal is to share secrets of his long life and serve as motivation for others. After a successful fundraising campaign, the documentary is now in post-production.

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