LONDON The flags at half mast, the cannon shots in memoriam, the minutes of silence before sporting events. In Windsor, behind the gates, pain. The pain of the queen, who from Thursday evening, when the conditions of Filippo they had worsened, remained at the side of her husband without ever leaving him, and of the children, who in turn visited their mother, now a widow and, for the first time in 73 years, alone.

Philip, Duke of Edinburgh 1921 – 2021

Harry returns from the US, without Meghan

The funeral of the Duke of Edinburgh will take place on Saturday at the chapel of St. George following a ceremonial that Philip himself had planned down to the last detail, from the modified Land Rover carrying the coffin, to the single crown of flowers on the coffin, the personal flag , the hat of the uniform, the sword. He had asked for a quiet ceremony, willingly refusing the state funeral to which, even if he was not a king, he might have been entitled. In compliance with the rules on Covid, only 30 guests will be present: the queen, the four children, the grandchildren, some collaborators with whom the prince had been in close contact. Harry for the occasion will return from the USA. Meghan, who is expecting a baby, will stay in Los Angeles instead. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has made it known that he will leave his place to relatives. If due to the pandemic the Windsors invited the public to stay at home and express their condolences through the virtual registers on the official website, the subjects still wanted to show respect and admiration for the man who accompanied until Friday and supported the queen from her first day on the throne. In front of Buckingham Palace, hundreds of people formed an orderly and spaced line. Newspapers, radio and TV have collected dozens of testimonies on the military prowess of the duke, his commitment to the environment, his difficult and turbulent childhood, the charities he led, the firm character, the sense of humor and, above all, the dedication shown to Elizabeth, to the country, to the Commonwealth.

The memory of Carlo

In the face of so much affection yesterday afternoon, Prince Charles presented himself in front of the door of his house in Highgrove to thank the country and remember my dear papa. He would have been amazed – the heir to the throne stressed – to hear all the touching things that have been said about him. He was a special person that the whole family and I miss enormously. Heartfelt words, spoken off the cuff, which once again demonstrate the profound relationship that Philip had built with his children despite the undeniable contrasts. What I will remember – said Princess Anna to the Bbc – which has always been present. You could talk to him, if you were having trouble you knew he would listen to you and try to help you. The coffin will be carried on the shoulders by naval officers and will stop on the threshold of the chapel at 3 pm sharp for a minute of national silence.

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