30 percent plus: return without an index

30 percent plus: return without an index

2023-06-07 18:26:25

Dhe Evotec share price is an example of how index membership is important, but by no means everything. At the beginning of May, the share was dropped from the M-Dax and the Tec-Dax because the certified annual report was not available in time. First price reaction: minus 10 percent. But not because the M-Dax index funds would have such a big impact. At first, investors always feared that something was wrong in the company when such formalities caused problems.

But Evotec boss Lanthaler was able to reassure him on the same day that the only reason behind the delay was a cyber attack on the company researching active ingredients, which had no major impact and everything else was fine at the Hamburg biotech group.

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