300 judges from around the world went up to Masada, and then found out that they had no way to get off

This week the 64th Conference of the International Organization of Judges was held in Israel. The conference dealt with “technology and public goods law”, and included a meeting with Supreme Court President Esther Hayut.

The professional event was attended by 300 judges from 70 countries around the world, including a judge from Afghanistan who had to flee her country when the Taliban took over the country and was rescued with the help of Jewish-Israeli organizations.

The production of the event was entrusted to Judge Yaron Levy of the District Court in Tel Aviv, who serves as the chairman of the judges’ delegation in Israel. Besides the importance of the conference, the goal was to turn the judges from around the world into ambassadors of goodwill, and to show them the beautiful face of the State of Israel directly. President The International Judges Association praised the event, and the judges in Israel rallied to give the foreign judges what they needed.

But the professional event ended somewhat embarrassingly. On the last day of the conference, the judges arrived at Masada for a tour that was supposed to last about 40 minutes, but at the end of the tour it became clear that the cable car broke down, and the hundreds of judges began to dry out in the hot sun.

In view of the fact that there was no prospect of repairing the malfunction in the cable car, the judges asked to descend the citadel on foot through the snake trail. Initially, the Nature and Gardens Authority refused to open the route for them, citing heat stress. However, the route was finally opened for them after it became clear that the bridge they were standing on was not built for a stay of about 400 people.

The 300 judges in Masada, at the 64th International Judges Organization conference / photo: private photo

The court guards raised 200 bottles for the judges. Judge Yaron Levy asked the store in Psaga to buy all the water bottles found, but it turned out that there was not even one bottle.

Due to the intense heat, the water soon ran out, and the judges were left without water. The rescue unit was dispatched to the scene as well as Magen David Adom ambulances, which treated some of the older judges who were not feeling well. It should be noted that none of them required evacuation to the hospital.

In the end, the hundreds of judges ended the event in the Dead Sea, and the padiha in Masada was forgotten.

Thus we were privileged that the judges from all over the world also knew the Israeli legal system, also the Israeli warmth, and especially Masada.


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