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A refugee boat en route from France to Britain has capsized in the English Channel, killing 31 people.

According to the Associated Press:

A refugee boat heading for Britain from Britain via the English Channel on Wednesday capsized on the way.

It is believed that the small boat filled with air had 34 bo.

The bodies of 31 people were recovered from the crash site. They include five women and a little girl.

Also, 2 bo were rescued alive from the area. And one is believed to have been continuously enchanted.

The France-Britain joint rescue team was actively engaged in the search for survivors in the crash area until midnight on Wednesday.

French police have arrested four people involved in the abduction of refugees in connection with the accident. They were arrested in the French port city of Calais.

The boat accident was the cause of human casualties and investigations are underway into various criminal activities, including organized illegal immigration. Carol Edini, the officer supervising the investigation, said work to identify those killed in the crash was in full swing.

The number of refugees seeking refuge in European countries from war-torn and poverty-stricken countries is increasingly coming to Britain from France in search of greater opportunities.

In order to do so they have to make a dangerous journey in substandard boats. Gangs that smuggle refugees are helping them.

So far this year alone, 25,700 have made such a dangerous journey. This is 3 times more than last year.

Women and children are at high risk of drowning in small and inflatable boats due to the ever-changing climate, extreme cold and maritime traffic congestion.

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France and Britain have recently been rescuing a large number of refugees from their coastal areas.

A French team has rescued 7,800 refugees from a dangerous situation since last January. On Wednesday alone, 671 refugees were detained as they tried to cross the border in a boat accident.

In this context, the death of 31 refugees at sea has caused tragedy in France and Britain.

The news of the death of the refugees in the boat accident is shocking and tragic. Measures to stop the influx of refugees through the English Channel should be further intensified. The current accident has revealed that the French authorities are not adequately protecting their coastal areas.

– Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

The death of refugees by drowning at sea is a very tragic event. The day of the accident was a day of mourning not only for France and Europe but also for humanity. France and Britain must work together to stop the crime of smuggling refugees.

– Gerald Domanin, French Ministry of the Interior

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