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The balance sheet of Goletta Verde and Goletta dei Laghi 2022, the two itinerant Legambiente campaigns conducted in 18 regions and 37 Italian lakes

In Italy, 32% of the coastal waters and lakes analyzed by Legambiente during the campaigns Schooner green and Schooner of the lakes 2022 in which almost one out of three samples taken and subjected to microbiological analyzes in 18 regions and 37 lakes was found to be “polluted or heavily polluted”. 55% of the critical points, explains the environmental organization “are concentrated in the mouths of rivers, canals and streams: between bad purification and illegal discharges” and Italy remains a “chronically ill” country.

I’m 387 samples submitted to microbiological analyzes, of which 124 above the legal limits for the concentration of intestinal Enterococci and Escherichia coli. Special supervised, also in this monitoring season – carried out from 20 June to 1 August by over 200 Legambiente volunteers – mouths of rivers, canals and streams, “the main vehicles with which the pollution caused by bad purification or illegal discharges reaches the sea ​​and lakes ». In particular, of the 188 “critical points” of this type monitored by Legambiente (out of a total of 387), 103 (55%) were beyond the legal limits. In the remaining 199 points sampled at sea or in lake waters, however, the values ​​measured exceeded the legal limit only in 21 cases (11%), as was specified during the presentation of the results. More in detail, 31% of the points sampled by Goletta Verde in the Italian seas (83 out of 261) returned values ​​beyond the legal limits: on average, one polluted point every 91 kilometers of coastline.

Beyond the legal limits, in particular, 55% of the foci sampled, 42% of which were found to be “heavily polluted” according to the judgment of the Green Schooner scientific program. A demonstration, underlines Legambiente, «of the fact that the dangers of poor or absent purification are the main threat to the health of our seas and that there is still a lot to do to make up for the system and sewer network deficit ». Beyond the limits of the law 33% of the points sampled by the Goletta dei Laghi, that is 42 out of 126 samples taken in 37 lakes and distributed in 11 regions. 53% of the samples taken at mouths, canals and critical points (32 points sampled out of 60) were found to be beyond the legal limits allowed for surface and inland waters. Once again, the association notes, they are mostly compromised watercourses receiving unauthorized discharges that are not collected or not purifiedcoming from inadequate or faulty plants, on which resources must be invested to solve the problem of purification in Italy.

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