Time.news – The Eurovision Song Contest scheduled for May in Rotterdam has obtained permission to host 3,500 spectators, in what will be a test wanted by the Dutch government for a gradual readmission of the public to major sporting and cultural events. After the cancellation in 2020 for Covid, it will be the Ahoy Arena to welcome the 65th edition of the musical event in which Italy will be represented by the Maneskin. THE details will be released at the end of April and the opening to viewers could be revised in the event of a worsening of the pandemic data.

The plan provides that the arena will only be filled to half the capacity with fans who will have to submit a negative test to be able to enter.
The organizers of the event involving 40 countries welcomed the decision and pledged to evaluate “the available options” and to present “in the coming weeks” a plan to regulate public access “safely”, “if circumstances will allow it “. In any case, they ensured that health protection remains “the first priority” and that all delegations will follow “a strict protocol”.

Holland has already experienced partial openings admitting 1,500 spectators to a music festival near Amsterdam in March and 5,000 fans to a national team qualifying match last Saturday. However, Prime Minister Mark Rutte announced last week that national anti-Covid restrictions will be extended until the end of April.

Music thus confirms itself as a laboratory for the gradual reopening of major events to the public. Last Saturday at the Sant Jordi palace in Barcelona, ​​Spain, a concert by the Catalan pop-rock band Love of Lesbian was staged with 5,000 spectators. For all, it is mandatory to wear a mask and antigen test on the same day, but without physical distancing.


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