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Cairo: The processed body (mummy) of King Amenhotep I, who ruled ancient Egypt in the 16th century, has been digitally scanned for the first time via CD and scan. His facial features could be discerned through it. His teeth are still in good condition.

The bodies of deceased kings and nobles who lived in Egypt are processed, wrapped in cloth and preserved. This is called mummies. These mummies give an overview of the ruined Egyptian civilization. Egyptian mummies are associated with mythological beliefs. They thought they would not die if they were mummified. With this a lot of Hollywood movies have come out and become popular.

In this case, for the first time since the 11th century BC, the mummy of a king has been digitally unveiled. Amenhotep I ruled ancient Egypt for 21 years from 1525 to 1504 BC. His is the only mummy that has not been opened in modern times. There was no mythical reason for that, as his mummy was perfectly made and adorned with beautiful flower garlands and his face was covered with a living mask so as not to damage it and open it.

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In this case, the CD, with the help of scans have penetrated digitally. Dr. Sahar Saleem, a professor of radiology at Cairo University and head of the study, has published the findings in a leading medical journal. It discusses physical appearance, health, cause of death and the mummification system of the royal family.

A scan revealed that Amenhotep I had a short chin, short nose, curly hair and light long teeth. The cause of death is currently unknown. The report says there were no injuries on the body.




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