‘36,000 Covid-19 deaths in one day during Chinese New Year’, headlines

It is predicted that around 36,000 people will die from Covid-19 in China per day during the Chinese New Year holiday period.

The epidemic in China is said to be deadly in the coming days.

This information comes after independent prediction firm Airfinity changed its prediction published on December 29 last year.

The prediction comes as the Covid-19 pandemic is spreading at an alarming rate and there is a lack of clear data on the spread of the virus in China, a densely populated country.

China could face a ‘longer and more severe wave of Covid-19’ as millions travel to reunite with their families ahead of Chinese New Year, as the spread of the virus could increase.

“Our forecast suggests a significant strain on China’s healthcare infrastructure over the next two weeks,” said Dr. Matt Linley, director of analysis at Airfinity.

He said patients who could have recovered with treatment could die due to overcrowded hospitals and lack of care.

The announcement comes in light of reports that the number of infections may have peaked in a few states in China.

Airfinity estimates that the number of Covid-19 deaths in China since last month could be as high as 608,000.

Meanwhile, the Chinese government predicts 2.1 billion people will travel during the Chinese New Year. It is said to be more than double that of 2022.


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