New smileys, kings and hands that shape a heart.

In particular, chat programs such as WhatsApp or Signal will soon be enriched with a whole host of new emojis. The small, colorful pictures can also be used in e-mails.

The Unicode Consortium is a little later this year than usual with its annual newcomers showcase. The consortium defines the symbols that almost all industry giants from Apple to Microsoft to Oracle and SAP use in their systems. Among the 838 new characters are 37 fresh emojis.

Do you already have a favorite among the new emojis?

Foto: Unicode Consortium

Increase in smileys

The various smileys in particular are extremely popular when chatting and in e-mails. The new highlights should therefore be the “melting face”, “face with peeking eye” and the “saluting face”.

However, all smiley faces with a heart motif are likely to have competition. Because the “I heart You” gesture, which has been so popular in the real world in recent years, in which two hands form a heart with the fingers, is now also available as an emoji – with different complexion colors.

We predict: a future candidate for “the most popular emoji”.

Teaser picture

The heart gesture could also be a hit in chats


Diversity is being expanded

In general, the consortium continues to focus on depicting as many ethnic groups as possible, primarily in the form of optional skin colors for many emojis. The well-known “shaking hands” has been expanded to include variants in which hands with different skin tones are involved.

The “pregnant men” and “pregnant people” announced months ago are now part of the emoji family.

The new emojis will be available on the systems and devices in the course of the year and in part only at the beginning of 2022.


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